A Tiny Bit Closer…

to having my transfer orders and getting the heck out of this town.

I got my official offer today.  Almost verbatim:  In exchange for accepting this transfer, I have to stay with my new division for three years and can’t accept another cost transfer for three years.

“Another” cost transfer?  I didn’t know this was a cost transfer.  I signed up for a no-cost transfer, meaning I pay for the move myself.  (Well, now, we pay for the move ourselves.  You know what I mean.)  A cost transfer would mean that they would pay for me to take a house-hunting trip — up to ten days, they pay for lodging, food, and travel — and they would pay movers to come to our apartment, pack our stuff, load it into a truck, haul it to our new place, and unload it for us.

Given that the cost of a UHaul alone, not including the price of 700 miles worth of gas)  for this trip is nearly six hundred dollars, if this is a cost transfer, it’s going to make a HUGE difference for us.

I won’t know for sure whether it’s cost or not until I get the orders, but I’m far more excited about it now than I was before I got to work this morning.

Why does saving six hundred dollars mean so much?  We need a new laptop.  (Okay, so really we just really WANT a new laptop because he doesn’t want to hook his desktop up to the Internet ever.  It’s our data depository.)  His was mostly lost to a sweet tea accident a few months ago in our old apartment — everything but the hard drive was destroyed.  Mine committed hari kari the night before the wedding, when the hard drive completely and totally crashed and burned, taking with it all my pictures and documents (including my college thesis and my most recent fiction effort).

So, between his hard drive and my shell, we were able to cobble together a working laptop.  However, his hard drive is nearly as old as mine was, meaning it’s coming up on the end of its lifetime and could easily take itself right over the edge into oblivion at any time.  And the shell on mine is six, almost seven years old, so the  memory is low, the OS is getting old, the power cord is on its last legs… Pretty much all the issues that arise with any piece of technology these days.

I’d love to get a MacBook to replace it, but that is so far out of our financial reach that it’s hilarious.  So, instead, I’ll probably get another Dell and spend the next six years complaining about it, too.  However, this time, it will be all my own fault (my dad picked out and bought my current one when I left for school; no, he did not pay for it, my scholarship did).

I can live with that, though.  This time, it will be a computer that suits my wants and needs, with the OS I want (Windows 7 is released in October, and if it annoys me, I can always create a partition and load a version of Linux if I really want), at the price point that won’t interfere with our House Buying Fund.  That’s a really liberating concept, and it comes the closest I think I’ve been to feeling like an adult since the wedding.  Maybe ever.

All over a computer.



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