Lousy Day

This has been one long, hot, lousy day.

Had a personal disappointment this morning that I wasn’t expecting to be disappointed about.  The only good thing about that trip to WalMart was getting the oil changed on the car so it doesn’t explode when I drive it to New Town next week.

Then I got home and set about the incredibly awesome task of cleaning the bathroom.  Our bathroom has no suck-the-moisture-out ventilation and barely any send-air-in ventilation either, so there was mold on the outside of the tub.  That takes tons of scrubbing to clean off.  Plus I had spilled nearly an entire container of powdered concealer on the floor beside/behind the toilet, so I had to sweep and mop that up.

When I was finally done, I decided I would hop in the car and drive to Panera, treat myself to some hot chocolate (not sure why, it’s almost 100 degrees outside; I must be insane), and spend some time online.  So I packed up my laptop, grabbed the garbage — one big bag from the kitchen and one small bag from the bathroom — picked up my keys, and headed outside.  I stopped by the car to drop off the laptop and purse so I wouldn’t drop anything by the dumpster, and I locked the car carefully behind me.  I still had the car key (not currently on a keychain) in one hand, along with the small garbage bag.

You can see where this is going, right?

Yep.  I threw away the car key, right into the massive metal dumpster.

At that point, my cell phone and apartment keys were locked in the car, so I had no way to call Southern Honey, who was at work.  I went into the apartment building to try to find someone who was home and ask to use their phone.  Two apartments were occupied; those occupants even came to peep out the eye hole when I knocked, then walked away.  So frustrating!  It’s definitely different from the small-town mentality of watching out for your neighbors.

In the end, I had to walk over to the office and call Southern Honey from there.  It’s a good thing his work is flexible!  Half an hour later, he was standing on a box in the dumpster, fishing out the key.  My hero!

An hour after I started, I was back on my way to Panera.  I got my hot chocolate, but I was sorely disappointed.  It tasted like warm milk because all the chocolate syrup was sitting on the bottom of the cup.  *sighs*  Now I’m going to have to go home and make some more later — with part of a peppermint patty in it for that extra zing!  Oh, and the AC’s not coping well with the heat in here.  Too many windows + ovens and coffee makers =/= a cool dining environment, unfortunately.

On the bright side, I bought a baby gift for Southern Sister’s soon-to-be son while I was at WalMart (I guess more good came out of that trip than an oil change), so I’ll be running it to the post office tomorrow and getting it out to her.  Hopefully it will reach her before she delivers — she’s due late this week or early next, while we’re in New Town, so we won’t be able to see her any time soon.

And now I’m off to do some dishes and fix dinner for myself and Southern Honey, even though I won’t see him at all for the next three days — I only saw him today because I didn’t have to work this morning and I screwed up this afternoon.  By the time he gets home tonight, I’ll be asleep, and I’ll be gone before he gets up in the morning.  Repeat until Wednesday morning, when I wake him for the long drive to New Town.

I guess more good came out of this day than I thought… I got to see Southern Honey and I know now what kind of neighbors we have, so I won’t be missing this place when we move!  I miss good Southern hospitality and small-town life.

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A Southern girl who's used to small town life, I found myself moving to Washington, DC, in 2008 for a new job, and living there was an eye-o
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