My Take on Some Hollywood News

This is from yesterday; I just couldn’t post it last night.

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are not two of my favorite people, by a long shot.  I know very little about them and that bit from the media, as it seems they’re always in it, for reasons I haven’t yet been able to fathom.

Today, for example, there was a tiny blurb in the Express entitled “Art Teachers Weep.”  It seems that Heidi bared it all for Playboy, and Spencer is proud.  He’s also apparently confused because he feels that somehow he deserves an award for Heidi’s spread.

In his own (slightly repetitive) words, Heidi’s photos are “Not, like, Picasso art … [but] real beautiful art.  You know what I’m saying? … See her powerful curves.  They are powerful!  It’s an honor.  I feel like I did something great, like I should get a trophy!”

Which leaves me to ask the obvious question:  What, exactly, did Spencer do in the process of Heidi stripping down and posing for the camera that would be trophy-worthy?

I mean, let’s face facts:  Playboy is aimed at straight men.  Its models are incredibly beautiful women with amazing bodies.  They shoot nude or mostly nude photos designed to arouse said straight men and keep them purchasing the magazine.  What role, precisely, does that leave straight man Spencer to play in Heidi’s photo shoot, aside from “supportive/obnoxious/awkward/(insert your own adjective here) husband of the model”?

Maybe he was gophering for the photographer.  Can you see it?  Spencer running around at the photog’s beck and call, trying desperately to remember a coffee order that consists of a skinny double venti amaretto mocha latte, no foam, no whip; a grande soy strawberry frappuchino, no whip; and a tall caramel apple spice (Why the last?  It’s my current favorite); forgetting the carrier and juggling all three drinks across the lot and into the studio.  Spencer standing on one foot while trying to hold a recalcitrant spotlight in its proper position.  Spencer gingerly dabbing sweat from the photog’s forehead and then tying back the man’s long hair with a Rambo bandana.

No, I really can’t see that.  How about this one:  Spencer contacted the editorial staff of Playboy and begged them to have Heidi be their cover girl for this month’s edition.  He whined, pleaded, cajoled, threatened, bribed, and promised sexual favors until they acquiesced just to get him to shut the hell up.  Except for that creepy guy in the corner who had asked for and been promised all sorts of odd sexual gratifications, to be fulfilled by Spencer at a later, unnamed date.

Ewww, no, too gross, even for me!

The only one I can really wrap my brain around is that Playboy put forward the request, and he talked her into doing the shoot, which is actually an explanation that I might have a bit of an issue with.  I have no problems with women deciding that they love their bodies, are proud of their bodies, and want to show off their bodies by doing spreads like Playboy’s.  But what about women who aren’t so secure?  It seems as though it has the potential to be manipulative and a power play for a husband to convince his wife to do it, however, especially if she initially really doesn’t want to do it and still isn’t comfortable with the idea in the end.

I will say, though, that if Heidi was initially hesitant about it and Spencer gave her the self-confidence boost that she needed to do the shoot – and she feels like a million bucks as a result – then kudos to him, and maybe he does deserve an award for helping her improve her self-image.

But if that wasn’t his role in things, if in fact Spencer had no role whatsoever in Heidi’s photo shoot, then the only thing he deserves a trophy for is being the idiot with the best stupid quote on Monday morning.In other news, we leave for a house hunting trip to New Town tomorrow morning.  I hope it goes well.  I’ve been on the phone and emailing real estate agents and mortgage brokers today in what little spare time I’ve had.  I really hope we can find some place when we’re down there.And in some really sad news, Southern Sis lost her baby, so there will be no celebrating Southern Nephew when the holidays roll around.  It was by far the worst phone call I’ve had to field in years when Southern Honey called me this morning.  But I’m also glad that I was at work because it gave me something to occupy my thoughts all day.

I had planned on giving Southern Sis and hubby a lovely picture that the photographer took of them at our wedding, but I don’t know what to do with it now.  It’s of the two of them standing together, with his hand resting on her stomach.  The whole scene is so incredibly beautiful that thinking about it right now absolutely breaks my heart for them.  I think I’m going to hold onto it for a while and possibly give it to them in the future.  I’m afraid now or in the next couple of months would be too soon.


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