Happy Hour Goodness

One of the things I think I’ll miss most about being in the big city is the plethora of Happy Hour specials and the variety of eating and drinking establishments to choose from.

Yesterday most of my coworkers and I went out for my Going Away Happy Hour.  We’ve been doing these for departing coworkers for over a year now and have visited a number of venues: RFD (Regional Food and Drink), Austin Grill, McCormick & Schmick’s, and Gordon Biersch come to mind.  All yummy — well, maybe RFD a little less so — but not what I was looking for.

What I wanted was to give a second chance to a restaurant that scorned me three years ago: La Tasca, home to tapas and sangria, my favorite drink.

The last time I visited La Tasca, we were seated at a table, then told to move to the bar when the waitress decided we weren’t ordering enough food to justify taking up table space.  At the bar, six of us crammed into space for three, only to be insulted by a woman already seated at the bar.  As we hadn’t had a chance to even try the pitcher of sangria the waitress had made us carry from the table to the bar, we left.

This time, I told myself, it would be better.  I would not regret giving La Tasca a second chance.

And I didn’t.  Granny C, my closest coworker friend (I call her granny because she was the oldest woman in the unit for a while, not because she’s old enough to be my grandmother), and I split a pitcher of the Sangria de Cava.  It was heavenly.

Everyone ordered a huge variety of tapas, from risotto to chicken brochettes to paella, and we passed them all around while we ate and talked.  The food was fantastic, the company excellent, and the sangria delicious.  All in all, it was a delightful evening, although there were a few people who couldn’t make it, due to the holiday weekend and previous engagements.  Not much more I could have asked for on my last full weekend in the city!

So, if you’re ever in DC and looking for a good place to enjoy some tapas and sangria, definitely give La Tasca a try.  If you’re cheap like me and are willing to trade your tapas for some tasty chicken dishes, bypass La Tasca and head up the street to Nando’s Peri-Peri, where the sangria is $5 a pitcher (less than a quarter of the price at LT, although they only have a red).

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