Last Virginia Sunday

Today is a good day.  Today I’m under double digits in terms of days until the move.  Today I started packing up my clothes and emptying the fridge and freezer.  Today I also packed up most of the paperwork that’s going to go with me in the car rather than in the truck with the movers.

Things are starting to feel more real.

I had begun to think that we were never going to get this done and get moved.  I still worry that we’re not going to be able to close on the house as soon as we had hoped.  Paperwork and other stuff keeps coming back to me to be signed, and I haven’t heard from the real estate agent about the septic well test or the sellers completing a termite inspection, both of which have to be done before we’ll be approved.  We’re only nine days out from the tentative closing date today.

I’ve got to finish packing my clothes, including taking the suitcases to the car.  I also want to get the bathroom cleaned tonight as a gesture toward needing to be ready to move out.  Clorox wipes make it easy and quick, especially since I’ve been wiping everything down once a week or more since I got back from New Town.

Buying a house from out of state has simultaneously been more and less difficult than I expected.  More difficult in terms of coordinating everything; since I’m not there but Southern Honey is, getting everything signed has been crazy and has required liberal use of fax machines and scanners.  Less difficult in that I’m not sitting there, twiddling my thumbs and waiting on pins and needles from where I can practically see the place.  I have a level of distance from everything because I’m not there.

Now, though, we’re getting down to the nitty gritty, and I’m starting to feel the pressure, even though there’s really nothing I can do.  I have a stack of papers to print out, sign, scan, and email to Southern Honey tonight.  He’ll then print them all, sign them, take one to be signed by the sellers, their real estate agent, and our real estate agent, and then fax them all to the mortgage company.  Hopefully the inspection and septic test will follow suit.

I’m off to WalMart here soon to pick up some more spaghetti sauce.  I made some chicken tenders in what sauce I had left, but it’s too runny and there’s not actually enough to put over any spaghetti (plus I want to add some veggies).  With more sauce, I should be able to get tonight’s dinner, tomorrow’s lunch, and maybe even tomorrow’s dinner out of it.

That just leaves a couple of pork chops, a half pound of ground beef, and three or four more chicken tenders in the freezer.  I hope to get through it all, but if I can’t, I’ll probably make something to take in to work and share.  *makes mental note to avoid dairy, gluten, and fried stuff for Coeliac/lactose intolerant coworker so she can share*  Or feed the movers when they show up on Friday.

So, since I have to go out, I should probably go put on some clothes.  I’ve been lazy today and am still in my pajamas.  I don’t remember my last lazy Sunday.  I’m definitely going to indulge, though.  There’s some white wine and mint chocolate chip ice cream waiting for me as my night winds down.

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