Living in a State of Shock

Let me just preface this by saying that I’ve pretty much been in shock since I got the news at 3:56 this afternoon.  That’s almost four hours, so I might start getting over it soon.

I put out a product yesterday afternoon to the department heads, as it were, since they had asked for a heads-up on it.  Not sure why — they usually don’t ask, so they get everything at the same time everyone else does.  It got forwarded somehow (well, I know how, but it wasn’t supposed to go to the people who got it yesterday) to a group who does synopses of products that go before the Director every morning.  They came back asking for a synopsis from me for them to use, so I dashed one off yesterday afternoon on my way out the door.

This afternoon, I sent out the product to everyone else who would normally get it.  Not three hours later, four minutes before I was ready to head out the door, my boss comes by and drawls in her weird, high-pitched way that usually means she’s got something really awful to request of you, “Souuuuuthuuuurrrrn Suuuuuugaarrrrrrr.”


Long and short of it is, the group that briefs the Director often requests that the creators of larger products brief him themselves at the morning briefing.  We’ve had a couple of people go in and do so, but always for something larger and/or longer-term, not for a product of my size/duration.  Tomorrow, they want me to deliver the synopsis and answer any questions he may have.

Holy crap.

I told her I’d do it — there’s no way I was going to say no — so I went back to my desk, looked over the synopsis the briefing group had put together (which missed the entire point of the project and had to be reworked), and went over the whole thing a few times so I hopefully don’t forget everything in the morning.  My already obscenely early wake-up call will come forty-five minutes earlier in the morning in the hopes that I’ll be able to drag myself out of bed and be conscious by 7:10.  And I’ll be dragging a bagel and cream cheese in with me to compensate for the fact that I ate all my oatmeal this morning.

In apartment-related news, I was just cleaning up in an effort not to have tons of crap to do tomorrow night before the movers show up Friday morning.  In the process I managed to break two glasses in two different rooms.  So, now my set of wine glasses is reduced to seven and the set of glasses that match my plates is down to two.  Awesome.

And in house-related news, the termite inspection is gone and off to the mortgage company.  The real estate agent contacted someone who knows septic systems to do something about the test that we need done but know nothing about.  The paperwork has gone back to the underwriters.  The ball’s rolling again!


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