You Know You’re in the Country When…

A stunned marsupial falling off your garage door greets you bright and early Friday morning.

Due to lots of vehicle swapping and having the company car three days this week, the garage door opener was never in the right vehicle.  So, Thursday night the garage door just got left open when Southern Honey and I crawled into bed.

Of course, since our vehicles were thus exposed to the whims of the weather, a thunderstorm rolled in.  A massive crack of thunder woke Southern Honey, and he somehow remembered that the garage door was up and went out to close it.  Smart thinking on his part: now the only car to get wet was his, which had never gotten pulled in there in the first place.

Southern Honey and I both rolled out of bed at the crack of dawn (not the crack of thunder this time) and were heading out the door around 7:30.  We wanted to take his car rather than mine, so he put the garage door back up and pulled the car into the garage so I wouldn’t get soaked on my way out to it.

I hopped in and we started backing out.

Once we were clear, I did the requisite double-clicking of the garage door opener, and we were ready to go on our way.

Until, as the door was closing, down slid a very confused possum.  It was so confused, in fact, that it just huddled there, in the rain, staring at us like we were the worst creatures on the face of the planet for disturbing it for several long moments.  No less confused, really, Southern Honey and I stared right back.

At last the possum raised itself to its paws and waddled at full speed across the yard, making for the trees at the corner of our property.

Southern Honey and I kind of looked at each other, and, genius that I am, I asked, “Was that a possum?”  (Yeah, I know, but it was early, darnit!)

I consider myself fortunate in hindsight that Southern Honey didn’t stare at me as though I had just fallen off the garage door but took pity on me instead and simply said, “Yeah, it was.”

Speculation abounded as to just how the possum got up onto the garage door, but we came to no definitive conclusions.  All we know is that it got in, it got up and then it got dropped.   Hopefully it learned its lesson and will stay far, far away from open garages in the future.  Early morning marsupial moments are a bit much for me.


About SouthernSugar

A Southern girl who's used to small town life, I found myself moving to Washington, DC, in 2008 for a new job, and living there was an eye-o
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