I went to pick up the kittehs today and brought them home.  It’s really great to have furry ones around the house again.

They both have colds, but it’s unlikely that they have a virus like Titus and Lucius, so the antibiotics we have for them should clear that up shortly.  Which is good, because Prometheus is sneezing every time he turns around, poor guy.  Seriously, when we were fixing dinner, he just sat in the kitchen floor and sneezed pretty much nonstop the whole time.

I’m trying to make sure they get enough to eat and drink and to monitor their consumption.  If they’re getting sicker, I want to know in plenty of time to take care of things.

They’re total kittens, though.  One minute they’re all energy, the next they’re snuggled up to you snoring.  Prometheus in particular snores; I think it’s the congestion.

I’m already sporting my battle scars.  I had on a dress shirt when I went to pick them up (forgot my jacket at work), and Prometheus taught me a lesson there.  I have three lovely claw marks down the front of my sternum, with the middle one deep enough to draw blood.  I look like someone mistook me for a cadaver and tried to cut me open before I was dead.  It’s not a cute look.  Plus I’m going to have to wear turtlenecks or something until it heals.

On the writing front, I put together a very brief synopsis of my novel for my NaNo page.  It’s the first time I’ve managed to articulate the plot in a shortened form, so that makes me feel a bit better about things.  A bunch of WKU students are doing a write-in tomorrow afternoon.  If I didn’t have to be at work, I would definitely be on campus instead!

I know, November doesn’t start for more than a week.  The write-in is just designed to let writers meet-and-greet and do some writing exercises, whip out a few plot bunnies, throw down an outline or two.  It would be beyond useful if I could make it, but it’s just not going to happen this time.  I think I would do better if I had someone outside myself to be accountable to.

I need to get in gear on the scene summaries if I’m going to have a novel’s worth by next Sunday.  I really only have the first tidbits of the novel set out right now.  I still need to get into the meat of things, with assassination attempt number one, a blossoming romance between the assassin and his target, and their race into the desert.  Then comes the denouement with the army and guild banging on their front door and the decision that must be made: to kill or not to kill.  Now that is the question.

And no, I’m not going to tell you.

Yes, the idea of an assassin falling for a target has been done.  There’s more to it than that, I promise, but it’s hard to get into in the short term.  Trust me.  There’s public corruption, political intrigue, and violence to offset the mushy stuff.  Of which I hope there is not too much — even I don’t want to read that crap, and I’m the one who’ll be writing it.

I’m going to need to bang out more than 1000 words a day to get things done.  Although if it goes as smoothly as this journal entry, that might not be too bad.  I suspect I’m going to have to lock myself in the bedroom each night for an hour or two so I don’t get distracted by the kittehs.  Or Southern Honey.

Speaking of kittehs, here is a brief moment of cuteness brought to you by Konica Minolta, makers of our trusty digital camera (and no, they’re not paying me anything to say that):

From left to right: Tesla, Southern Honey, and Prometheus.

From left to right: Tesla, Southern Honey, and Prometheus.

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