Cooking Right Along

Considering that I’m supposed to be using my free time this week to start editing my novel, there is a saddening lack of blue pen marks on my paper.  The first page (well, first two pages, since I printed them two pages per sheet) is pretty marked up — lots of notes about things I need to expand upon or change — but the second is rather empty.  I really should get cracking on it, but I’m having some trouble.

You see, Gordon Ramsey is on TV again, teaching America how to cook, and I can’t keep my eyes off him.  He’s so precious, especially tonight since he’s not yelling and swearing at anyone.  And right now he’s teaching a class of kindergarteners how to make tiramisu — I don’t know whether to laugh or what at him dealing with twenty screaming five-year-olds.

Darn you, Chef Ramsey!  You’re keeping me from doing what I should be doing just by being yourself.  Stoppit!

It also doesn’t help that there was a great deal of math involved in one portion of my training today.  I came back to the classroom after getting my swine flu shot (hooray, I’m no longer a viable infection vector!) to find myself hip-deep in a presentation on units of measure that rapidly morphed into “Here, use what I just taught you to determine if you would live or die when exposed to this chemical agent, go!”  At which point my brain promptly said, “Oh dear God, what do I do?!?!  I’m taking a nap.  Right now.”  And it shut off.

The only thing I have managed to accomplish today was ordering my new laptop.  The entire city is apparently sold out of them, so I went online and paid the extra $15 for shipping.  It theoretically should arrive at my doorstep anytime between Friday and the day before Christmas Eve.  If not, I’ll be banging on Best Buy’s door and follow that with a visit to HP until I get it.

Five more minutes of Gordon Ramsey and then I’ll buckle down on the editing.  I promise.  Really.

*falls asleep*


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