Waiting for Ga-Snow

Christmas is here at last!!

I currently have a window up on NORAD’s Santa Tracker, watching the Jolly Old Man’s journey around the globe.  I’ve never done it before, and it’s fun to pop back to from time to time, gauging how far he’s come since the last time I checked.  Since I last looked, he’s made it all the way from Vienna, Austria to Monte Carlo, Monaco.  That’s a lot of ground to cover in forty minutes!  I think it would be fun to have up for kids to see how close he’s getting.  *grins*

We’re having everyone over for Christmas tomorrow morning, and the sheer mass of gifts under the tree completely reflects that.  It’s insane, having nearly all the gifts for an eight-way exchange, plus the ones Southern Honey and I will be opening tonight after he gets home.  I wish I could find the cable for the camera so I could post a photo of it.  It’s sheer ridiculous awesomeness run amok.

I’m going to put the cats away later so I can light a couple of candles and we can unwrap our presents in peace.  Then we’ll clean up, let the cats out, and hang out until Southern Brother (mine) and Lady Equestrienne (his girlfriend) return.

My mom will be over first thing in the morning with her mom to get dinner started for tomorrow.    Hopefully my aunt and uncle will show up at a reasonable hour so we can all exchange gifts and have the mess cleared away in time for dinner between noon and one in the afternoon, because some of my mom’s friends are joining us for dinner.  Yeah, yet again I’m hosting twelve for a major holiday, but I don’t have to do most of the cooking this time — I’m only responsible for the mashed potatoes, thank heaven!

I hope everyone out there is having a peaceful, joyous holiday celebration.  Those of you getting snowed on, take care if you have to be out on the road.  Actually, anyone who has to be out on the roads this weekend, may you arrive safely at your destinations.

Look, here’s our tree, taken with my new Christmas camera:

Our first live tree

Our very first live tree for our very first married Christmas!

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