Christmas Cheer

So Southern Honey and I are an honorary aunt and uncle again!  His best friend’s wife just delivered their little girl on , Christmas Day and we were lucky enough to get to the hospital in time.  We missed Christmas dinner with my family, but they were all very understanding about it and probably left our house cleaner than it was before they all showed up.  *grins*

It was such a wonderful feeling to be there for them (mostly for his best friend, but that’s primarily because he and Southern Honey have known each other for a long time, and she’s come into the family only in the last two or three years).  What better Christmas present than a happy, healthy baby, right?  Despite the whole “But the baby is going to be screwed on birthdays and stuff” meme that has been the first thing most people have said… *rolls eyes*  I really don’t think this kid is going to be anything other than loved and doted on, no matter what day she was born.  That’s what aunts and uncles are for, after all.

The other good thing about our time with them this weekend is that it gave us a lot to talk about for our own marriage.  Let’s face it, when you’re the other married couple of childbearing age in the room, it’s only a matter of time before people start asking when you’re going to expand the family.  Frequently and within a short period of time.

We have come to a few decisions, but I still haven’t figured out to deflect all the questioning.  I mean, when people start asking you when you’re going to start procreating, they’re asking you when you’re planning on having lots of sex with your spouse or partner.  That’s intensely personal and really not the sort of thing most people want to talk about.

Oh, I know, most of them don’t think about that when they ask, but it’s certainly what underlies the question unless babies are created in some way I’m not familiar with, like budding or spontaneous generation.  *ponders a budding process that requires nine months to reach completion and shudders*

I’d love to tell them just to get them off our backs, but then it would invite comment on our choice of timing.  Or, if things take longer than we  hope, inquiry into our reproductive health.  Now that is not a conversation I want to have sitting around the holiday dinner table!

With that in mind, I’ll probably just stick with my current repertoire of answers: never, next week, one of these days, and some time.  But I have to admit to wanting to expand it to include such lovely tidbits as these: as soon as I can get enough time alone with Southern Honey to f*ck his brains out repeatedly, whenever you stop asking, sometime before we die, and whenever we feel like it.  Sadly, most of those won’t go over well at the dinner table, so I’ll stick with the first set of answers instead.

We’ve also gotten a start on a set of ground rules for pregnancy and childbirth after witnessing a lot of interesting stuff this weekend.  Not necessarily good or bad stuff, just interesting.  The sort of things you might not necessarily think about the first time around having a baby.  One of these days maybe I’ll write about it, but for now it’s too recent, and I’d hate to hurt any feelings inadvertently by saying something that could be mistaken for a severe criticism rather than a personal difference of opinion of my/our own.

I’ve also started giving some thought to what I want in a doctor and a hospital.  I have an appointment with a doctor here in town after New Year’s who has privileges at the newer hospital here in town.  If I don’t like the hospital or don’t like the doctor, we’re close enough to Nashville and Vanderbilt’s hospital that I might look into finding a doctor down there.

In fact, I think I’m off to start researching both hospitals now.  Reading up on pregnancy and having babies is my post-New Year’s research project, so that can wait.  A belated Merry Christmas and a pre-emptive Happy New Year to you all!


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