Lazy Day

I greatly adore long weekends, especially long weekends with a variety of college sporting events on television for me to watch.

Today was Bowl Day: Penn State/LSU, Ohio State/Oregon, and now Florida/Cincinnati.  For the life of me, despite living outside Cincinnati for eighteen years, I always have to try twice to spell it correctly.  *shakes head*  Pathetic.

Tomorrow is Basketball Day: UK/Louisville at 2:30.  Southern Honey is lucky that he has to work through most of my obsession, I mean this weekend.  Then he’s not forced to endure too much sport that he isn’t playing (he’d much rather play than watch, any day).

I also got two books read today.  The first was the new JD Robb, Naked in Death, which I picked up from the library on Wednesday and started last night.  The second was Jenny McCarthy’s Belly Laughs: The Naked Truth About Pregnancy and Childbirth.

Naked in Death was another installment in Robb’s (nom de plume of romance writer Nora Roberts) series of murder mysteries starring New York homicide lieutenant Eve Dallas.  It was a fun read and a nice way to spend a lazy morning.  Certainly not high literature or anything but enjoyable nonetheless.  Contrasting the way Dallas conducts investigations at this point in the series with the way she handled herself in the beginning shows an interesting evolution into a cop who is learning to play the political game and becoming gradually better at it.  Then there is Dallas the woman, who has come a long way in the two-year span that the series has covered so far, maturing and learning how to be a friend and a wife.

Oh, who am I kidding?  I don’t really read the darned things for the introspection or the office politics.  I read them because they’re entertaining and I love cop stories.  *grins*  They’re some of my beloved brain fluff, and that’s the reason I read them.

As far as Belly Laughs goes, that was also enjoyable.  It was a very quick read — I think I consumed it in less than an hour.  I cracked up at least once a chapter, with the exception of the pregnancy sex and labor/delivery chapters.  Those two were touching  rather than amusing, and that was a nice contrast.  As long as readers go into it looking for someone’s pregnancy experience, not medical advice, everything should be fine and dandy.  I’m not sure why someone might be reading it and think, “I now know everything I need to know about bringing a child into this world, so I’m going to ignore my doctors,” but I guess it could happen.  It’s anecdote, not data.  An entertaining anecdote, but still not data.

The book did give me a few things to think about that I strongly suspect most pregnancy how-to books won’t include because it’s about one woman’s personal experience, not medical milestones.  I mean, is What to Expect When You’re Expecting going to describe how unattractive I might feel when I’ve put on a bunch of weight and can no longer see my feet?  Somehow I doubt it.

I think I’m going to encourage Southern Honey to read it, for the lulz and for the perspective it gives.  If he does, good.  If he doesn’t by the time it’s due back at the library, then that’s cool, too.

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the rest of my extremely lazy, sports-filled weekend.

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