House Divided

I need one of those vanity plates for my car.

I love nothing better than winter Saturdays watching college basketball, and today is no exception.  The game?  My alma mater versus the home state team I grew up cheering for.  If it weren’t for the fact that UK is ranked second in the nation and the UA is just barely hanging on this year (not totally from a lack of talent; they’ve had a rash of injuries), I’d be really torn.  As it is, I have to cheer for my Cats — I’d like to see them knock Texas out of the number one spot and stay undefeated.

I’m thoroughly jealous of an old high school classmate.  UK does a drawing  to award a portion of their season tickets; it’s the only way to assign them fairly when so many people want them.  My former classmate, who is also an alum, is one of the lucky ones this season, so she’s comfortably ensconced in her seat at Rupp Arena this afternoon, watching the game live.  If there weren’t a number of extenuating circumstances, including the currently prohibitive price, I would absolutely put my name in the pot, even if it is for upper deck seats!

I have to say that this might be the best I’ve seen the Cats play lately, although they have had moments where they’ve fallen into their old ways and have slacked a bit on defense.  It’s amazing to think sometimes that this team is so dependent on freshmen.  They’re playing much older most of the time.  They still have moments where you remember, “Oh, yeah, these kids are eighteen/nineteen years old!”  Because that’s true with the exception of Patrick Patterson and a few others.

The only things I worry about now are whether they can sustain this effort through the next two months and how soon Coach Calipari’s past deeds and potential future misconduct will catch up with the program.

As a lovely bonus, Texas got its collective ass handed to it by UConn, leaving UK the only undefeated team in the country and pretty much guaranteeing that the Cats will move into the number one slot in the poll this week.  *holds in evil laughter*  Not a bad day’s work, all in all.

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