A Novel Beginning… Again

After more than a month of absolutely no attention, I sat back down with my (as-yet-unfinished) novel today.  I had missed it, but I had a great reminder of how much work is left to do.

Last month, while I had some time on a business trip, I started editing and made it through the first twelve chapters on paper.  I then promptly put those papers aside and hadn’t looked at them since.  This morning, while Southern Honey was at work getting pepper sprayed (which is not as much of a story as it sounds, really*), I had some spare time, so I sat down on the couch with my handwritten edits and incorporated them into the electronic file.

There is a lot of work left to do, and I’m not entirely sure how worthwhile it all will be.  I mean, let’s face it, this novel is not exactly the Great American Novel or anything.  Some days I think it barely makes sense, a little detail that is not helped by the fact that I haven’t gotten the ending written yet.  But I really want to finish it.  I start so many of these stories with grand intentions, but I always seem to get near the end or to the middle and peter out.

I think, though, that finally getting those changes into the permanent file will help.  Now I can take the next twelve or so chapters, edit them by hand, and incorporate those changes.  The story itself has become so voluminous that the only way I’m going to get through it is to do so by increments.  And hopefully along the way I’ll be able to bring it to a conclusion I can live with.

I do feel that I need to get a desk or something, though.  It’s very difficult to shuffle sixty pages and a laptop while sitting on the couch, especially when the cats start poking their noses in.

Cats are something of a detriment when it comes to novel writing if you’re doing it on the computer.  Right now, in fact, Prometheus is sitting in my lap, licking my hand and occasionally nibbling on my thumb.  Doing his best to distract me from my writing.  I’m fairly certain that if I would just pet him, he would be content to sit on my keyboard and allow me to worship him as is his birthright as a member of the feline race.  *rolls eyes*  Just one more reason why I need a desk or something.  Then him sitting in my lap would not equate to him sitting on my keyboard.

Ah, the challenges of the budding amateur novelist.

*Southern Honey works as a security guard.  In order to be allowed to carry pepper spray while he’s on duty, he had to get sprayed himself.  Today was the day they had set aside to do that part of his training.

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