Playing Travel Agent

Today’s topic: How to keep divorced parents from running into each other in a smaller town.

That will be my task this weekend, and it’s one I’m seriously looking forward to.  Or not.  You see, my dad and his girlfriend are coming to visit us for the weekend.  Most likely it won’t be a problem, but we haven’t seen my mom in a couple of weeks, and I suspect she’ll be calling soon wanting to get together.  I may have to preempt that by having lunch with her one day this week.

I had really hoped that by now I wouldn’t have to play these games.  But I can tell that hearing about him still bothers her.  Hopefully Topper Town is big enough that we won’t end up in the same place at the same time.  It helps that they’re staying at a nearby state park rather than with us or in town, so unless she drives by while they’re visiting the house, we most likely won’t run into each other.

It gets hard juggling the visits and the phone calls sometimes.  Christmas was fun, although slightly less awkward than last year.  I managed the whole “dual Christmas lists” thing much better and did not end up with tons of multiples of things like bathrobes.

My other task this week is to plan our weekend activities.  There are a lot of things to do down here and a lot of places to see, but not all of them are winter outdoor friendly.  I’m thinking a local barbeque joint on Friday night, breakfast at our place on Saturday, a local museum, a tour of the town, maybe a spin around campus, and then dinner downtown.  There are a couple of local spots that have live music later in the evening.

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