Snowmageddon 2010

93% less apocalyptic than predicted.

I really must have jinxed it!  We were supposed to get sleet starting at midnight last night, but when I got up at almost seven to get ready for work, the ground was completely dry.  The revised forecast was calling for snow just after nine, with five to nine inches of accumulation.

Nine am came and went with no snow.  The Weather Channel backpedaled once again, and now we could expect snow sometime after noon — one to three inches worth.  Wait, we went from five to nine inches to one to three inches just like that?

Yes, yes, we did.

It finally started snowing about one or 1:30, and now the snow is pretending it’s going to think about sticking.  It probably won’t really, but that’s all right.  Better no snow than lots of ice.

Amusingly enough, everything involving children has been closed since last night.  So all the kids in town missed out on a perfectly acceptable day of school and will have to make it up at the end of the year.  On top of that, several day cares are closed.  I hope those parents were able to get off work, though.

And so Snowmaggedon 2010 is something of a bust.

I clearly spoke too soon.  We’re currently looking at a good inch of accumulation, and the roads are getting ridiculous.  There’s very little upkeep of the roads going on right now; we saw two salt trucks on the way into town for dinner, but there were none on the way home, which is when we needed them.  I really, truly hope that some road work goes on tonight before Southern Honey heads home from work.

All in all, it currently looks like my guesstimate of “93% less apocalyptic than predicted” was pretty close.  I had just forgotten how much that 7% can suck.

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