Sporty Indulgences

I like to think of this as my sports weekend.  My little indulgence of the part of me that thoroughly enjoys watching grown men beat the hell out of each other in organized mayhem.

It began yesterday with the UK/LSU game.  The game started out close, with LSU striking first and UK initially unable to hit the broad side of a barn.  But then LSU hit a cold streak — ice cold, frigid as a witch’s tit cold — and UK went on a 20+ point streak.  There were some serious displays of athleticism from John Wall, Eric Bledsoe, and DeMarcus Cousins.  Patrick Patterson knocked down some big shots.

Watching them play was impressive.  The whole team is impressive, especially when you consider the number of freshmen on the squad.  LSU, once they hit that cold snap, didn’t stand a chance yesterday.

The question that remains, obviously, is how long can they keep this up?  The Cats have had their moment at the top of the heap, ranked number one for a week.  They got their first loss out of the way, and I think they’re going to be the better for it.  Especially the freshmen.  That first loss, I hope, will serve as a grounding force for the team for the rest of the season, reminding them that they’re not invincible and that they have to go for 40 minutes, from tipoff to the final buzzer, as hard as they can.  If they do that, I can see them going deep into the Tournament, if not all the way to the Finals at the end of the season.

I just hope that Coach Cal, who seems to be doing so well right at the moment but who has such an ominous track record, doesn’t leave a lasting legacy of violations that would take this season’s accomplishments away.  These kids — these young men — deserve much better than that.

Today the sports continue with the Super Bowl.  Indianapolis Colts versus New Orleans Saints, down in Miami.  One team coming back for a second run in four years, the other hoping for the franchise’s first title.  I think it stands to be a fantastic game, especially after watching the Saints outgun the Vikings a couple of weeks ago.

The only thing that today is missing, for me, is a large group of people coming over to watch the game.  I miss our Super Bowl parties from college, when a whole bunch of us would get together over food, drinks, and excellent company.  It’s all well and good to have an elaborate menu of yumminess planned for me and Southern Honey, but I’d honestly rather be doing it for us and five or ten good friends.  It’s just more fun to sit around and yell at the TV that way.  *grins*

What yumminess is planned, you ask?  Homemade onion rings, triple battered.  Buffalo wings (admittedly not homemade).  Roasted garlic red potatoes and asparagus.  Homemade guacamole.  Store-bought salsa and tortilla chips.  Hurricanes and red cream soda floats to drink.  Maybe some monkey bread for dessert.  Entirely too much food for two people, but it’s going to be awesome.

See why I want to have people over?  I need to share the wealth — not to mention the calories!

Five hours to kickoff, and I need to get things cleaned up in case my mom and grandmother stop by later.  Plus I have onion to slice, red potatoes to chunk, and allegiance to consider.

Tune in tomorrow for game and commercial commentary (see, I remembered the most important part of the Super Bowl!).

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