Blue and Orange Frustration

I had planned on doing a post about the UK/Tennessee game tonight, but apparently that won’t be possible.

You see, we don’t have cable, and tonight’s game is on ESPN.

But wait, you say, doesn’t ESPN broadcast most of its games on ESPN360 so you can watch them online?

Indeed they do, clever reader, but tonight’s game has done nothing but blip and boop and basically fuck itself right out of existence.  So, one minute I’m watching the game and the next I’m staring at a blank black screen.  I get it restarted, it goes blank, and suddenly I’m watching St. Mary’s play.  Like I care about St. Mary’s (no offense to the St. Mary’s team, I’d be just as pissed if I were suddenly watching Duke, but you’re the only other game on right now).

Oh, now it’s back on.  It’s behind the actual game, and I missed at least two minutes of game play, but at least I can see it now.

I had planned on putting it on full-screen all night and just watching while I practiced knitting.  Between ESPN360 acting like a drunk guy trying to walk railroad tracks and the cats deciding that my yarn and needles were the coolest toys EVER, that has not happened.  Needless to say, I am not impressed.

If you’re going to offer a service like streaming games, wouldn’t you want to make sure it works?  Because ESPN has not delivered tonight.

Come to think of it, when we watched it two weeks ago, we had similar problems.  At one point the game skipped backwards two minutes (of game play) for no apparent reason.  The really sad thing is that it took us a while to figure out what had happened.  Much confusion followed until the video caught up to where it had skipped from.

I guess what I’m saying is that I love ya, ESPN, but you’re killing me tonight!  Driving me right up the wall.  I mean, not only are you forcing me to listen to Dick Vitale, but I have to do it in stuttering fits and starts?  Oh, and the actual video will randomly go out unless I have it on full screen.  That makes it really difficult to complain and watch the game at the same time.  Uncool, ESPN, majorly uncool.

Now that I have all that out of my system, let me just say that I don’t think tonight was the Cats’ most inspired game.  They’ve looked sloppy, and I don’t feel like they’ve adjusted well to the zone defense Tennessee has thrown at them.

Cousins has been frustrated tonight, and it shows.  His emotions are his weakness sometimes, and for most of the game, they’ve been getting the better of him.  It’s leaked over into his free throw shooting, which up until now had been quite good.  He’s currently one for eight on the night (the game’s not quite over, so he might get back to the line).  That’s a far cry from his usual 66%.

Hang in there, DeMarcus, you’re better than this.  You’ll work through it and come back even better next game.

I think Tennessee has just run out of steam.  UK’s on something like a 20-4 run, and they’re pulling away.  But the first half and the first half of the second half, they played like they did the night they beat Kansas, and I was worried.  I just wish I’d been able to watch it with a bit more continuity (and by ‘a bit’ I mean a whole hell of a lot).

The Cats put another notch in their collective belt tonight.  It will be interesting to see how they respond when they play at Tennessee on the 27th.  A win would be a fantastic birthday present, guys (hint, hint).  *grins*

Now, ESPN, think you can get your shit together by Tuesday?

PS: The knitting is actually going pretty well.  I think I’ve got casting on down.  Now to figure out how to do a second row…

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