“It’s a good day to die when you know the reasons why”

Today has been quite a day.  I got new knitting needles, I just ordered our new bed, we bought an awesome new mattress, and I just saw a trailer for a movie called “Zombie Strippers.”  There’s not much that could top all of that, yet I’m sitting here watching “Starship Troopers 3.”  Admittedly, that’s not topping anything, but Southern Honey wanted to watch it…

We’ve been planning on getting a new bed for a while, but we waited until we had done our taxes so that the refund money is eventually going to be on the way.  *grins*  Now we’ll have a legitimate guest bed in the guest room.  Makes me feel all grown up and stuff.

The downside to the new bed is that we upgraded to a king from a queen.  Okay, so that’s not really a downside, but it does mean that in addition to the new bed frame, we need new bedding.  Nothing we looked at today was even remotely appealing — it was all floral-y and granny-like — not our style at all.  I hate this kind of shopping, too, even more than clothing shopping or anything else.  Everything is expensive, and more often, everything looks the same.  Any time you find something in a  nifty color, it’s either $400 or has a horrid pattern on it.

On the bright side, we’re going to have a comfortable bed (well, more comfy than our current one) that has a built-in bookshelf and storage drawers.  The one we ordered is this one, in espresso.  I’d love to have a bright color scheme to give it some contrast, like a copper or bronze.  Or even a purple (Southern Honey has actually given purple the green light, as it were).  I don’t really want to do purple, though.  The guest bathroom has purple, as does the kitchen.

Oh my god, this movie is so bad that I can’t type.  I think my brain just imploded at the ridiculousness.  I can’t even concentrate on happy thoughts of the new bed because it’s just so. damn. bad.  I want the last hour and a half of my life back.  The whole thing is just nauseating.  Oh god, it’s so fucking bad.  Please shoot me.  At least the first one had Neil Patrick Harris.  Now I understand what they mean about it being a good day to die — watching this movie is a form of torture that apparently can only end in death.

It’s finally over!  I think I’m going to go to bed before I get any more behind for the day.  Dear sweet merciful heavens…

Bed minus 8.  *grins*

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A Southern girl who's used to small town life, I found myself moving to Washington, DC, in 2008 for a new job, and living there was an eye-o
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6 Responses to “It’s a good day to die when you know the reasons why”

  1. Dindrane says:

    First, hi Southern Sugar! I haven’t read many back entries of your blog, but I actually have been meaning to read it for awhile. So if this feels random…it is. 🙂

    Second, yay for new beds! Hopefully, by now, you actually have the thing.

    If it helps you at all, Lands’ End actually has really good quality sheets. They aren’t cheap, but they will last you for decades. If you can find them on sale, or get a coupon from them (they have special email offers like once a week, if you sign up for them), sometimes you can get fantastic sheets for not a huge amount of money at all.

    • southernsugar says:

      Hey, Dindrane! Nice of you to stop by! 😀

      The bed should be delivered tomorrow, so we should be sleeping in splendor and comfort tomorrow night, so long as the cats will let us. *rolls eyes*

      The biggest problem we’ve run into finding a comforter set and sheets is that we don’t really want something with a pattern. Just simple, solid colors. It’s been a lot more difficult than I expected — apparently you can only find many of the brighter, more cheerful colors in terribly expensive sets. And we don’t quite agree on the color scheme. 😛 I’ll definitely take a look at Land’s End, though; I wouldn’t have thought to check them.

      • Dindrane says:

        You could check out Bed, Bath & Beyond, or JC Penney if you have either of those nearby, too. Although most of the solid colored sheets I’ve seen are more dark colors than bright and cheerful.

        Then again, I do have a lovely set of dark purple flannel sheets from JC Penney. Paired with a white blanket, they look quite nice on my brown-black bed (which is probably just the IKEA version of yours ;)).

      • southernsugar says:

        Our JCPenney is pretty lacking, sadly. There’s a set of really, really bright orange sheets that Southern Honey liked, but I’m not so sure about. We did find a really lovely dark blue duvet set last night online that was quite affordable, even after the currency conversion and shipping, so we might go that route and then get some orange or teal sheets to go with it. Oh, and I’m glad you mentioned Ikea — I keep meaning to check there!

        We’ve had our share of Ikea-type furniture over the years. Our bookshelves are WalMart, our end tables and coffee table are Ikea, our DVD stands are Big Lots, Southern Honey’s dresser is Ikea, and we once slept on a bed that can only be described as ghetto: a twin-sized mattress and box spring topped with queen-sized futon mattresses, two stacked on top of each other and the third folded up lengthwise along the bottom to bring it up to the level of the other two. I got nothing but love for Ikea. ;D

      • Dindrane says:

        IKEA let me furnish my apartment for less than $500. 🙂 I got a bed frame, two desks, two bookshelves, a table, four chairs, and two lamps for all that. I totally have the IKEA-love, even if my flatware from there is breaking.

      • southernsugar says:

        That’s an impressive haul! I loves me some Ikea — I miss having a store nearby. It was worth braving I-95 just to go wander around down there. 😀

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