“They’re called Screamers for a reason — they’re not Silencers.  When they track a human, they scream.”  Thus sayeth Southern Honey on the topic of “Screamers 2: The Hunting.”

Why are we watching a movie like this?  Just one more of the myriad purchases made by Southern Honey from the closing Hollywood Video.  The only one that’s been any good so far has been “Push,” which was surprisingly entertaining and much less sucky than I went in expecting.

This one, however, is every bit as horrible as anticipated.  Characterized with the normal amount of blood and guts, plus a nice side dish of “savior” stupidity, with the cavalry thinking they know more about what’s going on on a planet none of them have visited before than the natives do.  Which of course leads to all sorts of ridiculous carnage that should never have happened.  Way to go!

Ooh, the random gratuitous sex scene.  Apparently it’s impossible to make a movie these days that doesn’t include one.  At least this one wasn’t as awkward as that horrible one from “The Matrix!”  I still wish I could go back and unsee that one…

Oh, great, screamer-human baby.  Like this movie needed another cliched plot contrivance.  *rolls eyes*  Although it has led to a crazy conversation about how machines would reproduce with people: “He’s gotta be shooting nanites instead of sperm.  No, wait, he’d need to be shooting both so they could make the baby and then rebuild the baby.”  Heaven help me, what has my life come to?

In other, less movie-related news, we have a stray cat in the backyard.  I couldn’t convince him/her to come play with me, though.  I even tried taking Prometheus to the back door to see if seeing him would lure the stray closer, but it didn’t work.  We don’t need another cat, but if we can catch the stray, we can take him/her to the shelter and see if s/he’s got an owner somewhere.  At least it’s been warm recently, so the poor thing isn’t going to freeze to death.


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A Southern girl who's used to small town life, I found myself moving to Washington, DC, in 2008 for a new job, and living there was an eye-o
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