Sleep Deprivation Potpourri

So yesterday’s open letter to my feline overlords was a complete and utter dud.  They kept us up almost all night, alternately trampling us, sitting on our heads, banging against the door after they got kicked out, and yowling like mad after Southern Honey put them in the guest bathroom with their food, water and litter box.

As a result, I’m tired and cranky and can’t wait to go to bed.  Until we can find another solution, they’re going to start going in the bathroom every night.  It’s the only way either of us is going to get any sleep.

The bed failed to arrive today.  In fact, UPS indicates that half of the shipment (the actual bed part, of course) is en route to Colorado Springs.  That is almost as far from where we are as you can get and still be in the continental United States!  I’ve contacted UPS to find out what’s up with that and if we might still manage to get our bed this week.  If not, we’ll be sleeping on a mattress on the floor this weekend, because our current bed is promised to my little brother for the weekend.  I am not thrilled by this.

And in knitting news, I stopped by the Barnes & Noble for the knitting group tonight, but I chickened out instead of joining the women who were there.  I just wasn’t sure I could face yet another block of time being the youngest person in the group by fifteen or twenty years.  It’s not that I mind, necessarily, or that I have anything against older women, but I spend my entire day surrounded by individuals well outside my age range, and it gets tiring after a while.  We’re at very different stages of our lives, and we have less in common than other people my age.  It’s one of the things I miss about being in DC, actually.

*sighs*  I think that being sleep-deprived is just making me cranky.  But I have found a couple of patterns that I’m planning on trying out, and I’m excited about that.  One of them makes a really cute little handbag (really little, clutch-size for sure), while the other makes … something else simple that is currently eluding me for some reason.  The sleep deprivation again, probably.

To end on a positive note, though, I think we’re going to donate to the Arbor Day Foundation.  They will send us trees for donating, which would really improve not only our yard but Mom’s as well: two American redbuds, two white flowering dogwoods, two flowering crabapples, two Washington hawthorns, and two goldenraintrees.  I think they would really complement the willow in the front yard and a couple of other spots.  Plus it’s good for the environment (they’re not all native to the area, but they’re climatically appropriate)!


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3 Responses to Sleep Deprivation Potpourri

  1. Dindrane says:

    There is nothing I hate more than sleep deprivation caused by otherwise-beloved pets. It’s so hard to stay mad at them (because seriously, they can’t help it), but it still royally sucks.

    I feel you on the “always being the youngest” thing. I don’t think I have it quite as bad as you at work, but the average age of the people I see regularly is still quite a bit higher than my not-quite-25.

    My mom (and my fiance) keep getting on my case to join some sort of knitting or crocheting group, but I haven’t ever really looked for one, for pretty much the same reason you chickened out at B&N.

    I have the same problem with my church, actually (because they also have a knitting group). Most of the people there are significantly older than I am, which makes me really disinclined to involve myself all that much with the things they do. It doesn’t really help that I have never found them particularly welcoming…I suspect it’s the lack of that good old Southern hospitality that I’m missing here.

    Anyway, I hope you are able to get some sleep tonight (and that you get your bed soon!). Your new knitting projects sound like fun. 🙂

    • southernsugar says:

      I know. I feel so bad about being mad at them, but darnit, I need sleep! I think Tesla is part-Siamese, who are extremely vocal, so that just makes it worse (seriously, I have never had a cat as vocal as he is!). Fortunately, we put them in the bathroom last night and finally got some sleep.

      The age difference wasn’t as bad at my last office. I was the youngest by three years when I started, and I was actually not the youngest, by at least a year, when I left. But out here? Sheesh! At least if I were up at the main office — I’m at a satellite — there would be several people much closer to my age.

      It’s so awkward trying to break into a group when the age difference is so great, especially if they’re not welcoming, like the ladies at your church! That part really surprises me, even though I know it shouldn’t. You would think, theoretically, that church groups would be more welcoming than others, even though I know it doesn’t always work that way…

      I really should just suck it up and hope for the Southern hospitality to work for me. 😀

      Just bought the yarn for my little handbag today. I went with some Red Heart because it’s going to end up being felted and I couldn’t justify spending $6/skein for the really good stuff when I need three different kinds (one normal worsted, two decorative). But when I make the wrap, I’ll spend more and get some nice and soft loveliness. If the wrap goes well, I’m thinking about making a larger version for my mom for her birthday in April. We’ll see!

  2. Dindrane says:

    I have to keep myself away from craft stores to avoid buying yarn that catches my fancy. Although I actually need to go to one eventually and buy some more crochet thread, so I’ll have to reign myself in.

    Craft stores are dangerous, for real.

    The deal with the church I’ve been going to here is that they’re not *unwelcoming*…they’re just not actually hospitable like I’m used to, either. It’s almost like benign neglect – they don’t mind my being there at all, but heaven forbid someone actually engage me in conversation! And on the rare occasions when someone has, it still felt a little forced.

    I really think it’s just a product of living in the Pacific Northwest. My city in particular has a very strong “live and let live” kind of vibe, and lots of people are just really laid back. You have to admit it…southerners can sometimes be downright aggressive with their hospitality and welcoming-ness, so it’s a bit of a change. 🙂

    Vocal pets can be by turns charming and the most intensely annoying things you’ve ever had the misfortune of listening to. It’s really quite a talent. 🙂 But my favorite is having conversations with vocal pets (My parents have a dog who I’m fairly certain is mostly poodle, and he “talks” like one). Talking to the cat/dog is so much less neurotic and pathetic than talking to yourself. 😉

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