Drama Much?

You would think by now that I’d be used to drama.  Heaven knows I dealt with enough of it in college for any three people!  But I guess I’ve been spoiled in recent days, spared of most of the drama that has been going on in the rest of the world.

It all arrived bundled on my metaphorical doorstep this morning, drama back with a vengeance!

After a second consecutive good night’s sleep (it’s a miracle!), I rolled out of bed and unleashed the feline overlords from their prison (aka, the guest bathroom).  While I hopped in the shower, they spent their time battering at the bedroom door and yowling to beat the band.  The ruckus quieted down only when I got out of the shower and let them in to finish waking Southern Honey.  He dragged himself up, too, so he could get started on his application for the police department.

All the running he had to do for that has been drama of its own, but it looks like that’s all going to shake out in time for the fit test and polygraph tomorrow, fortunately.  Drama averted there, although it’s taken all day.

At work came the call from my mom.  She’s buying a new house and was supposed to close this week so we could move her in on Saturday — that was some other drama, as Saturday is my birthday and Southern Honey also has to work that evening.  But the house isn’t going to be ready, and the builder’s realtor was giving her a hard time, threatening to sell to someone else.  She needed advice on whether to let the house go or not.

I ended up taking her out to lunch so we could talk, which was really great for both of us.  But before I headed back to work, she got a call from the builder.  Twenty minutes later, they had patched things up and moved the closing back.  Crisis averted and house saved!  But it was a lot of drama.

The last straw was our bed.  It really was delivered to someone out in Colorado Springs.  Well, actually, someone in Colorado Springs also ordered the same type of bed and the company got the wrong tracking number from UPS.  So we still don’t know what happened to OUR bed, but all is not lost.  Yet.  It’s apparently wandering the shipping limbo that is the UPS system somewhere (Much like this but with less international flair. Hopefully.), and we have to wait to see when we’re going to get a new tracking number and the bed. So that drama is ongoing.

On the bright side, no moving stuff on my birthday and a new rug for the extra bedroom so that the cats don’t have to sleep in the bathroom any more.  Plus all my yarn is rolled and I bought a cute sparkly button to use to hold my handbag closed.  Oh, and my dad sent a birthday card with a B&N gift card in it.  Kaching!  *grins*

Bedtime soon so Southern Honey is well-rested for tomorrow.  I’m probably going to start the handbag tomorrow night or Saturday after Southern Honey goes to work.

Fingers crossed for the fit test and polygraph tomorrow.


About SouthernSugar

A Southern girl who's used to small town life, I found myself moving to Washington, DC, in 2008 for a new job, and living there was an eye-o
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3 Responses to Drama Much?

  1. Dindrane says:

    Silly drama…but I’m glad it all worked out in the end.

    Have you figured out how to keep your yarn safe from your feline overlords, other than keeping it in a ziploc bag?

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