Awesome B-Day Already

Back when we all thought we were going to be spending the day hauling furniture around, I was bummed and told Southern Honey that the only thing I really wanted for my birthday was a cake.  With chocolate.

When  our plans changed, I told him that it didn’t really matter about the cake — that I had just wanted something vaguely birthday-like about the day, and cake was the only thing I thought we would have time for.

Last night he baked me a cake anyway.  And this morning he got up early to put entirely too many candles on it (I’m fairly certain there were twenty-five) and lit them for me.  The trick kind that relight themselves when you try to blow them out, of course.  *grins*

Even better, he got me a Nintendo DS Lite and one of the Zelda games!  He also got a Johnny Bravo game for himself, of course, but that just cracked me up.  Best husband ever!

Anyway, I guess we’re going to go into town later to the big tattoo and custom motorcycle show.  I’m on the fence about getting a tat myself, but only because I haven’t found a design that is important enough to me to have it permanently etched on my body.  But today I can get a good look at some very reputable shops from three or four states and maybe find someone to deal with in the future.

Then we’re going to do a late lunch before Southern Honey has to go to work, and I’m going to go hang out at B&N, knitting and playing my DS.  All in all, a most satisfying day planned.

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A Southern girl who's used to small town life, I found myself moving to Washington, DC, in 2008 for a new job, and living there was an eye-o
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