It’s Here…

And it’s been here the whole time.

Our bed, that is.

The company never bothered to call us back, and seeing that we don’t live in a mansion, we didn’t have room to drag everything out of the boxes that were delivered last week.  So everything had just been sitting, still in the boxes, while we waited for them to let us know if they had shipped everything or not.

The  CSR told me via email on Thursday of last week that we would hear from them within 48 hours.  By the time I left Monday evening for Cardinalville, we still hadn’t heard anything.  So last night I got my stuff in order and called.  “Oh,” I was told, “do you have everything?  A ticket was put in,but we can’t tell what was shipped and what wasn’t.  So you’ll have to open it and let us know if you’re missing anything.”

Really?  Your inventory control system is so pitiful that you can’t tell me what you actually shipped to me or how many boxes I should have received in total?  That was all I needed — if that product came in more than four boxes, then something was missing; if not, we were in the clear.  But apparently that was too much to ask.

So, on a wing and a prayer (and a hefty chance that we’d have to pack up and sleep in the guest room for a few nights after reassembling the old bed), Southern Honey dismantled the old bed and started opening boxes.  Entirely too many pieces of finished and unfinished wood later, we fished out the instruction booklet for the headboard.  The instructions for the bed itself, however, was still MIA.  Until Southern Honey cut open the final box and there it was.

Sighs of relief all around and the construction efforts began.

Let me just say that I had underestimated by a long shot how long it was going to take us to put everything together.  And so did the instructions.  I’m fairly certain that the construction artists they timed to get the estimates for each step were using power drills and nail guns.  Or they were professional carpenters.  There’s just no other way to get the results they expected.  My job was the drawers, which were supposed to take five minutes each to screw the sides to the back, the front to the sides, nail in the bottom, and attach the rails to the outside with about a gazillion screws.

Three hours later, the bed was solid, although I still hadn’t finished the drawers.  In fact, I *still* haven’t finished the drawers, but that’s mostly because I just wanted to get the necessary for sleep portions together before we fell asleep.  The drawers aren’t essential right now, so I’m not in a big rush.  Just need to have them done by Tuesday.

Why Tuesday?  Because Southern Honey invited some of his coworkers over for dinner and I want to have things quasi-together by then.

Planned menu: Sweet and sour chicken, broccoli in oyster sauce, snow pea stir fry, steamed rice, and egg rolls.  My only concern is having enough time to get home after work and get everything prepared.  Some of it is going to have to fall on Southern Honey, since he’ll be home a couple of hours earlier than I will.

Further plans: Refinish what will be our extra dresser and put it in the guest room.

Oh shoot, sounds like Southern Honey has taken the hammer in his own hands and is putting the drawers together.  I’m off to man the screwdriver!

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A Southern girl who's used to small town life, I found myself moving to Washington, DC, in 2008 for a new job, and living there was an eye-o
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2 Responses to It’s Here…

  1. Dindrane says:

    Your menu sounds yummmy. 🙂 Is there anything in it that you can prep ahead of time, or even prepare entirely and reheat? It seems like the egg rolls will be the most work.

    Incidentally, I *love* broccoli in oyster sauce. The first time I had it was at a friends house, whose mother is from Taiwan, and I had no idea what it was actually called. So I just referred to it as “Friend’s Mom’s Broccoli” until I learned it was broccoli in oyster sauce. 🙂

    • southernsugar says:

      The egg rolls are coming out of a box, so I think they’ll actually be the easiest part! 😀 I’m going to cut all the veggies the night before so I don’t have to do that the day of; the stir-frying itself is quick and easy, and I can always toss the wok into the oven on “warm” to keep it hot. Southern Honey is definitely going to have to do the chicken beforehand, though. That’s the only way it’ll work.

      I didn’t realize I had had it until someone recommended it when I asked for recipe ideas. It’s so yummy! “Friend’s Mom’s Broccoli” cracked me up. 😀

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