Why do I always forget to add a title?

This has been a busy and productive weekend.

I made my grocery trip to WallyWorld this morning, although I didn’t pick everything up that I need for Tuesday.  They didn’t have the egg rolls I was looking for, and their snow peas were ridiculously expensive, just like their chicken.  So tomorrow, after his polygraph, Southern Honey will be hitting up Aldi to get milk and peppers.  I’ll stop by Kroger for chicken and snow peas after I get off work.

Southern Honey picked up his new suit after he got off work.  With the gray shirt and silver/pale blue tie we got for him yesterday, he looks very smart and certainly professional.  One of his coworkers (the one who’s been stealing his lunches, the asswipe) wanted to know why Southern Honey didn’t just wear shorts and a t-shirt to be comfortable for the polygraph.  Can’t imagine, moron

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A Southern girl who's used to small town life, I found myself moving to Washington, DC, in 2008 for a new job, and living there was an eye-o
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2 Responses to Why do I always forget to add a title?

  1. Dindrane says:

    So how did the dinner go?

    Also, seriously, I always end up wondering what universe people who steal lunches really live in. But I guess since it’s a universe where you show up for something related to getting a job in shorts and a t-shirt, I might not really want to know.

    • southernsugar says:

      Dinner went well. Need to work on my broccoli with oyster sauce a bit… The sauce was too runny. We had a great time, though — they didn’t leave until about ten, after sitting around, talking, trying out my hookah, and watching random YouTube videos.

      I wish I knew what universe this idiot lives in, because it seems really laid-back and generous. 😡 The hope initially was that he wouldn’t pass his 90-day test and would get fired, but he managed to pass somehow. Oh well.

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