At last…

A lovely spring day at last!

After days of clouds and rain, the skies cleared and the sun came out to shine for a while.  By the time I got home from work, it was a balmy 65 degrees or so.  With a grin, I swapped out my work clothes for gardening-appropriate attire and headed out to tackle the ridiculousness that is our current landscaping situation.

An hour later, I had cleared out a swath of what once was probably nice and neat plants that had become a jungle of dandelions, ground cover and thistle-type weeds.  In its place was a patch of freshly turned and de-rocked soil measuring roughly 28″ by 18″.  Why did it take an hour?  Because every dandelion, wild onion and thistle had to be dug out.  The ground cover roots had to be pulled out inch by inch and have the clinging dirt removed.  And all the rocks, the totally random pebbles and larger stones that littered the soil, had to be pulled or dug out.  Where all the stupid things came from, I wish I knew!

The end result:

It's so tiny!Ta Da!

So I invited Southern Honey to see what I had accomplished with my spade and trowel (is that the three-pronged thingy?) and he started to examine the area more closely.  Turns out the previous owners had put down plastic under their topsoil and landscaping.  So, he just went along and ripped it all up, rolling the soil and weeds — and, unfortunately, any earthworms in the mix — out of the way.

End result of less than ten minutes of work?

Wow, now it's almost ALL gone!Yeah, he cleared the other four or five feet, with the exception of the spots where the previous owners had apparently planted stuff (there were holes in the plastic at each of the green spots).

All of that work means that tomorrow I can go out, dig up the remaining few green patches, lay down topsoil and start planting my poor pansies.  Oh, and the thyme.

Not bad for a night’s work.


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