Planting Day

Exciting!  I finally got enough time to take care of the rest of the landscaping right in front of the house.  It took me about two hours, during which the rain held off and the sun occasionally shone, plus a bag of gardening soil.  The knees of my jeans are grass-stained and damp, and I have dirt all up my sleeves, but it was quite worthwhile.  The pansies and thyme are in the ground, and that plot is pretty much done.  I’m going to Lowe’s this afternoon to get more pansies (in a lighter purple) to shade up between the white and the deep purple ones.

From the driveway

From the yardOh, and those clusters you see on the brick porch?  Those are all the rocks I dug out of the soil while I was removing all the old plants.  And I didn’t even come close to getting them all!

In depressing landscaping news, the neighbors behind us are proceeding with the removal of all the trees that separate our property from theirs.  So there is currently a guy on a bulldozer just outside my back windows taking care of business.  I had to shut all my blinds back there so I wouldn’t forget and take a naked stroll from the bathroom to the bedroom or anything while he’s working.  Plus there’s now a direct line of sight from our bedroom window to the neighbors’ front porch.

At least now I know where we’re going to plant the other trees we’re getting from the Arbor Day Foundation!

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