Weekend Update

Another weekend is going by.  This one was more productive than some, but it wasn’t long enough.  They never really are.  *grins*

The first patch of landscaping is done, with a bit of help this morning from Southern Honey.  I’m very pleased with the way it turned out, although I’ll probably eventually end up replacing the pansies with something that blooms later in the year (or is perennial, even).  To get through the ridiculousness that is the rest of the front of the house, we’re going to borrow a roto-tiller from some friends so I don’t have to spend days on my hands and knees turning the soil and getting rid of all the weeds.

Speaking of my knees, they, along with various other, underworked portions of my anatomy, are rebelling against the weeding/digging/planting action.  I’m fairly certain that if they could, they would go on strike and leave me unable to finish things up, the bastards.  From about my ribcage down, I feel like I’ve been beaten up for a few days.  That is sad and lame — I’m 25 years old, that’s entirely too young to feel decrepit!

My next evil plot for redecoration and renovation is to refinish this shabby old dresser that I’ve had for years.  It’s going to get a coat of brown paint, then a coat of an awesome bronze and a new set of drawer pulls.  Once it’s done, it will replace the tupperware-type drawers in the guest bedroom to hold towels and sheets since we don’t have a linen closet.  The bedroom is approximately the size of a postage stamp, dominated by the queen-sized bed.  The dresser will just fit between the bed and the wall, and then I can move the plastic drawers… somewhere.  Probably to the storage building, I suspect.

In other news, there really isn’t much other news.  We’re back up to two weddings this year, one that Southern Honey is a groomsman in and one that I’m a bridesmaid in.  I’m excited about both of them, although I think it’s fair to say that I’m more excited about the one I’m in.  One of my friends, who was a bridesmaid in our wedding, is getting married.  I didn’t really get to enjoy the process with my girls since we did everything long-distance, so I’m looking forward to getting to be there for her and to going shopping for dresses and all that stuff.  It’s exciting.

Dress shopping is scheduled for next weekend.  If she’s keeping the dress we discussed earlier, it’s cute and fairly inexpensive, as bridesmaid dresses go (the costs associated with the darned things are absolutely insane sometimes).  I just hope it will fit all right without the need for much in the way of alterations.  Although if I recall, it’s strapless, so I’ll be investing in a new bra.  Bra shopping is a separate form of torture that should be banned under the Geneva Conventions, but I digress.  I’ll focus on the dress shopping instead.  *grins*

My mom has put in an offer on a different house and will hopefully close next month.  It’s on the opposite side of town from us, so she won’t be right across the street.  In a lot of ways, that’s going to be good, but I can’t help thinking about how great it would have been to have her so close when we start having munchkins, not so much for babysitting as for moral support.  But she’s thrilled with the place she found, so I’m happy for her, even if it does mean having to help her move again (and having move her stuff out of our storage building and across town again).

Last but not least, I love Jamie Oliver.  I hope that his attempts to make changes in school lunches here, now that he’s tackled the British system, really do take hold.  The stuff that a lot of kids have to eat — the stuff that so many of them *have* to eat because it is, sadly, the only good meal (meals if they have a breakfast option) they’ll have each day — is so thoroughly unhealthy.  Change needs to happen.

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A Southern girl who's used to small town life, I found myself moving to Washington, DC, in 2008 for a new job, and living there was an eye-o
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3 Responses to Weekend Update

  1. Mary says:

    You know, I told myself I was going to do some gardening this weekend, and then I totally wimped out on it. So props to you for actually getting some stuff done. 🙂 I saw your pictures from previous posts – it looks nice. If it were me, though, I’d be thinking about getting some low, bushy plants to put right up against the porch, just to sort of smooth out the sharp contrast between bricks and the flower bed. That, or I’d investigate a raised bed.

    But that could just be a pet peeve of mine. 🙂

    Your plans for your dresser sound really awesome. I hope you’ll post pictures once you get around to it!

    As for your mother, I think you’ll probably find that she’ll be able to provide with all the same moral support from across town. I can’t imagine that “across town” is so very far away, and I’m sure you both have phones. 😉

    • southernsugar says:

      I haven’t decided if I’m going to do impatiens for their color or something more like what I saw at Lowe’s the other day — a quasi-bushy, creeping plant with really pretty white flowers. I might do a combination of the two. There’s eventually going to be the thyme to help cut that contrast, but it will be at least six weeks until those start sprouting. Oh, and I’m going to put in some rosemary just around the corner when I get to that part.

      I’ll definitely post pics of the dresser as I go because I’m a nerd like that. 😀

      Oh, yeah, “across town” here, only because our house is about twenty minutes out of town, we’re still only looking at like forty minutes separation. 😉

      And you’ll get around to your gardening sometime soon. Your weekend sounded like a good time!

      • Mary says:

        (Apparently, I like to hit enter in order to move from the “URL” field to the comment field – it’s a good thing WordPress won’t let me post a blank comment!)

        I love impatiens, but it looks like your yard is pretty sunny. Impatiens are really shade-loving plants. You might accidentally bake them if you put them in a sunny spot!

        My personal preference, when landscaping, is to have more…organic, I suppose, transitions between grass and things like porches or patios. It seems almost jarring to my eye if I can see a defined, obvious break between the yard and the not-yard. It’s not usually an issue with driveways, since they tend to be at the same level as the lawn. But even porches like yours are a couple inches higher than the lawn. My first instinct is to hide that break with bushy plants that are taller than the porch, or a raised bed, or something that makes it less obvious.

        Or at least, more like an aesthetic choice than a practical one. 🙂

        I don’t know if I’m making myself clear here, so if I’m not, I apologize. But thyme and rosemary and flowering plants all sound lovely. I wish I could grow thyme – I use it all.the.time. in cooking. But alas, I get no direct sunlight ever, so any thyme I planted would probably just give up on life.

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