Nothing new, really.  Chicken noodle soup was a bit bland, so I need to work on that for next time.  Now it’s the UK game, and we’re already down five to Cornell.  Cornell?  Seriously?!


Down eight.  I’m getting off here to yell at the TV until someone in blue and white starts making baskets.  Also, I’m starting to understand a friend’s distaste for teams that don’t have anything going on but the three-point shot.  😛

I’m popping back in to say that this game has been kind of crazy.  What has been crazier has been the way CBS switches back and forth between games.  At any moment, no matter what’s happening in the game currently being shown, you might suddenly find yourself wondering why the uniforms have miraculously changed colors.  The teams you’re watching could be in the middle of a scrum vying for a tip-in one moment, and then one team is racing down the court in time to get fouled on a three-pointer and send the game into overtime.

Seriously, with the K State-Xavier game going into overtime (and now double overtime), the interruptions have come at completely illogical junctures for no apparent reason.  It’s been mind-boggling.

Also mind-boggling?  The completely over-the-top physical crap that Cornell got away with a few times because they were out-manned and got frustrated.  From their seven-footer throwing Cousins to the ground (should have been an intentional) to one of their guards shoving Wall out of bounds and over one of the media tables.  It was just so unnecessary and uncalled for.

This Xavier-K State game has just been a roller coaster!  Excellent, excellent game to watch.  Unfortunately for me, it’s getting a bit late, and I’m exhausted.  Don’t think I’m going to last the final two minutes or so.

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