Bourbon and Chicken and Cocktails, oh my!

In honor of the Kentucky Derby today, I decided to experiment with a bourbon-barbecue sauce and some slow-cooked chicken, thrown together in a hopefully tasty mess for sandwiches.

Just getting the barbecue sauce and the bourbon was a riot.  I stopped by Kroger and WalMart after work on Friday to get the green beans, asparagus, sweet corn on the cob and strawberries to round out the meal.  Unfortunately, at no point did it occur to me to get a new bottle of barbecue sauce or a bottle of bourbon, since it’s not something Southern Honey and I drink regularly.  And since the next county over is dry and we live about fifteen miles from the nearest liquor store, that was something of a problem.

So Friday evening saw us mounted up on Southern Honey’s motorcycle to pick up booze and BBQ.  The clerk at the liquor store recommended Evan Williams for its smoky flavor, so I lugged a small bottle of it and two bottles of Kraft barbecue home in a backpack (I felt like a rolling DUI even though I wasn’t drinking — I mean, who makes a thirty-mile round trip for booze?).

Anyway, first thing this morning, I popped two bone-in chicken breasts into the crock pot on low with a little bit of water.  Hours later, I took the chicken out, deboned it and shredded the meat by hand with some help from Southern Honey.  We ended up with a nice, big pile of shredded chicken, which I put back into the crock pot.

The meat, the sauce and the booze

Then I mixed roughly a bottle and a half of barbecue sauce with about two shots’ worth of bourbon and poured it over the chicken.  I turned the heat back on low and moved on to the sides.

All together now...

We still haven’t bought a grill yet, so Southern Honey buttered and salted the corn on the cob, wrapped it in foil and tossed it in the oven.  I blanched the green beans and roasted my asparagus in some sesame oil and soy sauce.  Toss it all together with the barbecue on buns and some iced tea spiked with sweet tea vodka, followed by strawberry shortcake, and you’ve got a Derby Day meal that Super Saver would be all about.

Dinner is served!

And to cap it off, sheer yumminess!

If he weren’t a horse, of course.


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