Can I go home yet?

It’s only Tuesday night, but this has been a long week already.  I think that’s just what happens when I don’t sleep well on Sunday night and then have to turn around and get up at the butt-crack of dawn on Monday morning.

I have also discovered that, for our sleep, Southern Honey going on nights has been a godsend.  Well, for my sleep, anyway.  I’ve been snoozing like a champ when I’ve been alone; Southern Honey would be doing better if he hadn’t had to completely invert his schedule.  When we had to share the bed Sunday night, we ended up fighting over it, which is sad since we have a king size bed — and neither of us is taller than 5’6″!

It’s going to be a major re-adjustment if he gets on with the police department and ends up on days, since we’ll go back to sharing a bed all the time.

And isn’t that a hell of a dilemma for a married couple: We don’t share well.  *snorts*

Once I dragged myself out of a tortured quasi-sleep Monday morning, after yelling at Southern Honey to stay on his side (sorry!), it was off to Cardinalville for an early meeting.  Not early for them, being in a different time zone, but definitely early for me since I had to drive so far.

I’ve been here in Cardinalville ever since, working on a project for a case.  We have got to get a setup where I don’t have to drive 100 miles to do this stuff.  It’s just completely inefficient, not to mention annoying.

The only good thing about the whole shebang is that I keep racking up points and nights on my Priority Club card, so we’re that much closer to a free night.  Hopefully we’ll have enough to stay somewhere nice at an upcoming wedding.

Oh, and I got to have Vietnamese food for the first time ever tonight.  It was really quite yummy.  Spring roll and mi xao don with pork?  Tasty goodness in my book.  I’m going to have to find a recipe for it.  Dinner went a ways toward making up for the fact that I had to work through Indian food for lunch (I ended up with Burger King instead, so it was a serious demotion).  I don’t even think Toppertown has a Vietnamese restaurant.

Tomorrow I just need to finish up the project and take care of a few administrative things, then I can hit the road home.  I’ve got asparagus in the fridge just begging me to come home and grill or roast it.  And Southern Honey to fight for the bed.  *grins*


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