Produce-A-Palooza 2010

I bought a bunch of fresh produce last weekend in anticipation of a visit by the in-laws that didn’t work out as planned.  Then I was out of town until yesterday, so by the time I got home tonight, it was just begging to be eaten.

Which led to Produce-A-Palooza with dinner tonight: corn on the cob, fresh green beans sauteed in sesame oil and soy sauce, and asparagus, roma tomato and shredded chicken in an Asian ginger dressing.  Southern Honey skipped the asparagus with tomato and opted to have his chicken with barbecue sauce.

First, the green beans:

Saute away

Some like it hot

I used about 1 1/2 teaspoons of sesame oil and roughly the same amount of soy sauce with about half a pound of green beans.  They cooked about ten minutes but really could have used about fifteen; they were a little *too* crisp for my tastes.  Despite that, the flavor was great.  I think that blanching them and then adding them to the hot oil/soy sauce combo would work, too.

And the asparagus with tomato and chicken:

The main course

Look at all the pretty colors!

There is not quite a quarter pound of asparagus, with the stems trimmed up, along with half a Roma tomato and some shredded chicken breast (leftovers from last week).  I tossed the veggies in with about a half-tablespoon of dressing and let them saute for a few minutes.  Then I added the chicken and a bit more dressing, cooking it just long enough longer for the chicken to get hot.

Plate it up with some fresh corn on the cob, and you’ve got Produce-a-palooza!


Oooh, the pretty colors

So very satisfying, and with a smidge of modification, it can be done totally vegetarian or vegan.

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