My precious!

And if you read that with Gollum’s voice in your head, my job here is done.  *grins*

I’ve been putting this off from nothing but sheer laziness.  Southern Honey and I ended up buying the Civic hybrid we were looking at last week.  In fact, in the words of one friend, we “ninja’d” the darned thing out from under the nose of another prospective buyer.

Last Monday we went to the dealership to take the car for a test drive since we hadn’t gotten behind the wheel yet.  When we first pulled up, someone else had it out for a spin.  However, the salesman assured us, she wasn’t in a position to purchase it yet since she was waiting on an insurance settlement.  Long story short, we ended up signing the paperwork and driving it home that night.

So we have a new car in the family!

Tada!It is a funky-colored 2007 Civic hybrid with about 74,000 miles on it now.  I’m not really sure what to call the exterior color, because it’s this weird cross between gold and stone.  I like it, I’m just not sure what it is.

Leather interior:


Surprisingly hot when left in the sun in 90* weather

And a really neat set of displays on the dash:


First tank of gas got almost 46 miles to the gallon.

It’s already started earning its keep — we filled it up over the weekend after putting about 200 miles on it.  A whopping 4.4 gallons and a bill of less than $15.  For a week’s worth of driving.

Even better, we’ve got a couple of long trips coming up for which it will be ideal.  We’re going to the Queen City for our anniversary this weekend and then I’m going to Furtheropolis at the end of June for business.  I have to take my car instead of one of our fleet cars because we have a wedding to attend that weekend, and I can’t take an agency car on a detour like that.  Looks like the precious will be getting quite a workout.

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2 Responses to My precious!

  1. Mary says:

    Gorgeous car! You’re making me jealous that mine is both much older, and not a hybrid. 🙂 Leather seats look nice, but I don’t envy you for having them – there is nothing I hate more than getting into a car that’s been baking in the sun when it has leather seats!

    I also really love it when you manage to score a good deal like that. The same type of thing happened when my parents bought my Civic. 🙂 My dad had convinced my mom to come with us to look at a brand new Civic DX. While we were there, we found a used Civic LX that had practically no miles on it for $3,000 less (and it had lovely features like power locks and windows, and cruise control).

    Apparently, there was someone else intending to look at that car the same day, but the salesman helping us had the keys in hand, and since my parents were ready to buy it right then, we got the car. It was kind of awesome, and it was a really good deal.

    • Thank you! I love it to pieces, but I had indeed forgotten how much a leather interior sucks in hot weather until I was abruptly reminded last Sunday when we went to get groceries and gas. I don’t think I’ve ever been so thankful to have passed on wearing my short shorts as I was then! 😀

      Good for your parents — the car they (and now you) ended up with sounds like a steal. 🙂 Your parents are car ninjas! And power locks/windows and cruise control are, after three vehicles with none of the above, things that I no longer take for granted. I swore up one side and down the other that no matter what car we bought this time around, it would have all three. And an automatic transmission.

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