I’ve been working lately on setting goals and following through on them.

As a result, I’ve gotten up early five out of the last eight work days and worked out.  Two of the other three days, I had to be up early already to go out of town for business.  This morning I just really needed the extra sleep.

I’ve also been pulling off some healthier recipes and expanding my culinary repertoire.  I’ve learned new techniques (like making risotto and deboning a chicken).  And my risotto came out neither crunchy nor mushy!

The goal I’m most proud of right now, though, has nothing to do with my health or my culinary props.

When I was young, my parents bought me some new furniture.  It was white pressboard with these horrible white-and-pink plastic handles, to coordinate with my white iron bed and the hideous 50s wallpaper with blue and pink roses on a tan and white basketwoven background.

Exhibit A:

The child-friendly version

The "Before" shot

For the past five or six years, it’s been floating around from apartment to apartment with us.  I’ve been moaning about how ugly it is and how much I need to replace it or refinish it or something.  Since we moved, the darned thing has been spending its days languishing away in our garage (see above photo).

A couple of months ago, when I was on my gardening kick, I picked up a can of spray paint for it.  Then it languished some more while I lazed about.

Two weeks ago, I decided to get off my butt and take care of business.

Step one: Remove the drawers and the drawer pulls.  Throw the drawer pulls at the trash can with concussive force.  Clean off the dresser and drawers, and apply a nice, even coat of tan paint.

Exhibits B & C:

Four little drawers, all sitting in a row

Brown coat, check

And the main event

Brown coat done here, too

Step two: Let all that dry for a day or so to compensate for the fact that it’s hot as Hell and the humidity is somewhere around 500%.  Then break out the coppery spray paint and give everything a coat of that, too.  Leave overnight to dry.

Step three: Screw on the new drawer pulls.  Then realize that some of the coppery paint is coming off and run out to buy a clear coat spray.  Apply over the drawer pulls.  They’ll survive.  Let dry another day or so — the heat index is still hovering around 100, so it’s going to take longer than the recommended 10 minutes to dry.  Trust me.

Step four: Wipe down all the inside surfaces to get rid of any cast-off paint.  Take everything inside and reassemble.  Then take pictures while cats parade through the room, trying to time each shot while they’re occupied staring blankly out the window or crawling under the bed.  Fail miserably (at the picture-taking).

Exhibit D:

Prometheus makes a guest appearance

With the shimmery coat and a clear coat to seal

Et voila!  Four easy steps to turning ugly kiddie furniture into a perfectly serviceable guest room dresser.

Next up: The guest bed.  It’s scratched and nicked in enough places to need a workup itself.


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