Restaurant Reviews: Indianapolis

I spent the last week flitting around Indianapolis, freezing to death in a training session by day and enjoying the various eating establishments by night.  Although not very late at night, given that everything shuts down by like eight pm, except for Borders, which closes at seven.  I guess everybody in Indy has to be in bed by dark or turn into a pumpkin.

So here’s my review of some yummy Indy restaurants.

Palomino: Very, very tasty.  My friend and I split the baked brie with a pomegranate crust, which was so good — the sweetness of the crust balanced out the tang of the cheese.  I followed that up with the flatbread pizza topped with proscuttio and arugula.  Dear heaven, it was totally yummy!  Then I capped the meal with a mango sorbet with strawberries.  *swoons*  I give this one a double thumbs-up.

PF Chang – Eh.  I know lots of people like PF’s, but I just have a hard time getting behind it.  I think I got spoiled by the good Chinese places in and around DC, plus the place in Topper Town with the family-style menu, which they make (according to the owner) the way he makes it at home.

Saffron – It’s been entirely too long since I had some good Moroccan food, so Saffron really hit the spot.  I tried a lentil soup, which was all right, but their kafta with yogurt sauce and harissa was soooooo good.  Their hummus gets a big go-ahead from me, too.  I wish we hadn’t gone for lunch, because their tajines sounded and looked incredible, and I just wasn’t hungry enough.

BARcelona – This is a local tapas bar that claims a very strong Spanish influence.  The tapas themselves seemed pretty true to what you’d find overseas, but the wine selection was pitiful and the desserts were… scary.  We ordered dessert and then cancelled it.  One thumb up.

Mikado – Down past Ram Restaurant and Brewery is a little Japanese place that has a sushi bar.  The sushi was made fresh, the peanut-miso dressing on my salad was excellent, and I truly enjoyed the edamame appetizer, which was the first time I’d tried it.  Two thumbs up again.

The Chocolate Cafe – This place makes its own chocolate and chocolate candy, in addition to serving up some massive ice cream cones, cakes, and milkshakes.  Seriously, you can get this massive, massive piece of chocolate cake that could have served all four of us and then some.  They also had samples of their newest batch of chocolate-covered pretzels out — one with orange and one with lemon.  Yum!!!  I ended up with a massive scoop of Death by Chocolate ice cream, in a chocolate-dipped cake cone; it was aptly named, because I could have died happily after I finished eating it!  A bit pricey, but totally worth the splurge.  Two thumbs up.

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