Grilled steak salad

I love salad.  I love steak.  This means that, by the equation of “I love A, and I love B, so A+B must be twice as good as A and B by themselves,” steak and salad must be awesome.

As a huge proponent of grilling in the summer — or anytime, really — I was psyched when we bought our grill and even more psyched when, in celebration of some good news a couple of weekends ago, we bought steaks for said grill.

I can only eat about four ounces of meat at one sitting, so my ten or twelve ounce steak meant multiple steaky meals (aka, steaky goodness).  First, steak with potatoes on the grill and some corn on the cob.  Then two days of thinly sliced, well-seasoned steak on a bed of mixed greens with a Mediterranean vinaigrette at work.  How could life get any better?

Well, maybe if Southern Honey hadn’t insisted on eating the remainder of my steak and I could have gotten another salad or two out of it…


Best lunch I've made in a long time

Grilled steak salad


Strip steak
Coarsely ground salt
Freshly ground pepper
Smidge of Montreal steak seasoning
Mixed greens
Mediterranean vinaigrette with feta and sun-dried tomatoes

Season the steak on both sides with salt, pepper and steak seasoning.  Grill for about four or five minutes a side, or to desired doneness (mine was pretty much medium rare, which is normally less done than I like, but ended up perfect).  For salad, slice thinly with the grain.  Layer greens in a bowl or on a plate, then lay steak slices on top.  Add dressing to taste.

This would have been great with some cucumbers, diced peppers, and some feta chunks.  Next time…

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2 Responses to Grilled steak salad

  1. Mary says:

    I had the best steak sandwich ever for lunch yesterday. We pulled a London Broil that we’d bought on sale awhile back out of the freezer and had that for dinner on Friday. My dad’s mom had a really awesome meat marinade that we used, and then we cooked it on the stove (no grill, alas). It was pretty rare, but we both like it better that way, and it made it to 135 degrees in the middle, so whatever. 🙂

    Anyway, the sandwich was just cut up steak with cheddar cheese on a hoagie type bun I had (toasted — I love that my office has a toaster in the break room). So. Good.

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