Football Fare

Between the shop and the Munchkin, I haven’t really had time to enjoy the college football season this year, which I find unfortunate.  I love college football.  When I was still in school, I practically lived and breathed it this time of year.  I guess that’s what happens, though, when you get out into the real world and life starts getting in the way.

This weekend, though, I have some time at home to myself, and I’m taking full advantage: I scheduled out my day based on the games I wanted to watch, and I stocked up on football fare.  (If you consider that sushi I had for lunch “football fare.”  :D)

To wit:

*One six-pack of Sam Adams cherry wheat.
*The makings for chili dogs
*Chips and salsa

I haven’t broken into my chips and salsa yet, but the chili dogs definitely hit the spot earlier.  I don’t even like hot dogs, but put chili and some cheddar cheese on there, and I’m all over it.  It makes absolutely no sense, but what can I say?  It’s just so good!  I even broke down and grilled the hot dogs.

By the way, when you don’t eat hot dogs very often, this is the interior monologue that happens as you’re cleaning house while waiting for the grill to heat up:

“Mmmm, chili dogs.  I really hope that hot dog chili I got is good.  I haven’t had one in so long; it’s going to be awesome!  Hot dog and relish and chili and cheddar cheese, all on a … bun.  I forgot the buns.  I was just at the store; how did I forget the buns?  Fine, I’ll just use bread.  I still have the hot dogs and the chili and the … cheese.  I’m lactose intolerant.  Why am I having cheese?  Why can’t I remember that I can’t have cheese?  Oh, whatever.  I’ll use the cheese anyway.”

While my decision to use cheese was a good one, wheat bread slices are no substitute for good hot dog buns.  Too soggy.

And Sam Adams cherry wheat?  Fantastic.  Just smelling it put me in mind of a giant bag of ripe cherries.  Considering it’s the first beer I’ve bought since the Munchkin was born that wasn’t consumed with boosting my supply of breastmilk in mind (which pretty much failed but was a good excuse for having some Blue Moon and Shiner Bock), I think it was a damned good purchase.  Heaven knows it’s making the non-challenge of the Florida-LSU game more entertaining.  😀

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