Adventures in Kolacky-Land

I’ve recently been given two recipes for kolacky by friends of mine.  Kolacky (or kolache or kolace) are Polish/Lithuanian/Czech cookies or pastries filled with fruity jam filling and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Cherry kolacky goodness

I started with the easy recipe, since I rarely manage anything “difficult” with the Munchkin around these days.  The only real difficulty here was keeping the dough cool enough to work with — as soon as it got the least bit warm, it started sticking to the wax paper and the rolling pin.  Well, that and using the proper attachment for the KitchenAid.  You really don’t want to use the whipping tool for a thick dough like this, since all it will do is eat up the sticks of butter.


Like this, but not as actual dough.

Traditionally, kolacky filled with apricot, but apricots aren’t in season right now, and apricot pastry filling costs an arm and a leg.  So, I went with cherry and apple instead — sort of a celebration of America meets Eastern Europe.  Or an attempt to make something my coworkers would enjoy.  (The first one just sounds fancier.  :P)

Ready for the oven

Then, once you’ve baked them, you give ’em a good dousing with powdered sugar — don’t be stingy! — and enjoy.  They’re not supplanting snickerdoodles as my absolute favoritest cookies ever, but damn they’re good!

Ring of cookies

I don’t have permission to share the original recipe, but I went looking for a close approximation.  This one from bug over at is really close:  I highly recommend incorporating these into your Christmas cookie rotation, because they’re great.


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2 Responses to Adventures in Kolacky-Land

  1. nancy says:

    the picture at looks like ruggalah ( a russian cookie) Which now that it’s brought to my attention I might make for my in-laws along with my m-i-l favorite coconut macaroons.

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