Capellini with Ham and Mushrooms

In my quest to use up my Christmas leftovers (and by “my” I mean the ones my mom sent home with us *grins*), I found a nifty new recipe that has been added to the rotation.  It got the Southern Honey “this is pretty good” seal of approval, so I can’t get rid of it now.

Pinterest has been very good to me.  Both this and the balsamic honey-glazed carrots came from randomly surfing around through other people’s pinned recipe pictures.  Clearly this means that I need to get my butt into gear and find some more new things to try.  It also means that I need to keep up with my blogging, because I made this probably two weeks ago the first time (and have already had a chance to make it again).  Sheesh!

Anyway, here’s my take on this yummy recipe that I took from Pennies on a Platter, although it’s made the rounds of just about every major site I’ve come across and I got linked to Quick Free Recipes from Pinterest.

Capellini with Ham and Mushrooms (from Pennies on a Platter)


Approximately 4 oz dried capellini
1/8-1/4 lb cooked ham (DH is a carnivore, so more was a must), julienned
1/2 c sliced mushrooms
4 oz 1 Tbsp whipping cream (I had to add the extra tablespoon to make up for the additional ham)
1 large clove garlic, smashed or minced
1 Tbsp butter
1-2 tsp dried basil (the original recipe calls for 1/2 handful chopped fresh basil, but I forgot to specify when I sent Southern Honey to the store.  It would be much better with fresh.)
Ground black pepper
1/4-1/2 medium onion, chopped finely (I used 1/4 because Southern Honey isn’t a fan)

Cook the capellini according to the package directions — dried should only need four to five minutes of boiling in salted water.

In a heavy-bottom pan over medium heat, melt the butter.  Add the garlic, onion, and mushrooms and saute until the onions become soft.  Reduce the heat and slowly stir in teh heavy cream.  Cook until sauce has reduced by about 20%.

Add the ham and basil to the sauce and simmer for eight to ten minutes.

The original recipe called for pouring the sauce over the capellini (and for using linguine, but I digress), but I prefer to add the pasta to the sauce in the pan and mix it that way.  Season with ground black pepper and garnish with more fresh basil if you have it.

When I made this the second time, I added some frozen peas and a small amount of shredded Parmesan to the sauce.  I think I prefer the original, but the modifications were tasty, too.


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