Once-a-Month Cooking: February-March

This has been an incredibly long day, but I’m pleased with the final outcome and I suspect this once-a-month deal will become a regular thing around these parts.

Lessons learned so far:

  • Read the recipes more carefully when making the menu and grocery list.  I missed a couple of key ingredients, so I wasn’t able to make one dish today.
  • Everything will take longer than anticipated, especially making new recipes.
  • Wash as you go.  I was doing really well at this until it came time to make dinner on top of everything else.
  • Have a plan for lunch on the day you plan to cook.  I ended up snacking on goldfish crackers to tide me over because I got hungry in the middle of cooking; I hadn’t planned a lunch (or a lunch break, for that matter).
  • Work recipe-by-recipe down the list to make sure you don’t forget anything.  I forgot about my plans for soup beans once and that I was planning on making pot roasts three different times.

In the end today, I made six different recipes, on top of making meatloaf last night:

The thing I love best about the meals I chose is that they either make for lots of leftovers (the crockpot barbecue chicken is made with 6 chicken breasts — there are two of us at most in the house at night) or lots of individual servings for the nights it’s just me and the Munchkin.  For example, the veggie stirfry packets recipe made five individual servings of vegetables, and the Cincinnati chili recipe made four or five individual servings plus a larger serving for a night when Southern Honey is home.

In addition, since I’ve already planned out my menus for the next four weeks, I’m not going to have to make more chili or veggies next month because these batches are so large.  Next time I make them, I might tone them down or otherwise compensate for the size — or the Munchkin may be on full-time people food by then.

I will say that I am absolutely exhausted at this point.  I still need to make pancakes and crockpot spaghetti sauce tomorrow, and then I’ll brown up my leftover ground beef and turkey for tacos and other ground beef dishes.  I also ended up with some extra pork loin, so we have enough to make barbecue or something else next month — it’s the sort of thing that’s handy to have for unexpected company nights.

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4 Responses to Once-a-Month Cooking: February-March

  1. nancy says:

    Yeah, you finished and you’ve got all those great dinners ready to eat. You might have just inspired me to get the energy to plan out some monthly meals. But first I need to can the case of oranges in my fridge and the pack of meat scraps from the store.

    • I’m still not quite done, but it won’t take much more work to finish up (the spaghetti sauce is in the crock pot). I’m just thrilled to be finished!

      One of these days I hope to have time to get into canning; we did a lot when I was growing up, and I miss having pickles and other homemade goodies on-hand.

  2. Thanks…it is so good to get some new ideas!! 🙂

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