So Far, So Good

I’m filing this first week of once-a-month cooking as a tentative success tonight.  I didn’t quite stick to my menu, but it was to swap meals or to substitute leftovers for cooking something new, not to deviate entirely, so I consider that to be acceptable.  I really didn’t account for as many leftovers as we had this week, just starting out, so I’m probably going to be able to get two months’ worth of cooking, thereabouts, out of it.

The best part has been watching the Munchkin try new foods and just start scarfing them. Things Southern Honey won’t even touch.  I mean, he had broccoli sauteed in sesame oil with a little soy and rice wine vinegar the other night with his meatloaf.  And he loved it.  I admit to feeling as though that was a huge win for me.  It was a nice contrast to the sheer amount of suck in the rest of the week.

To review the one new recipe I’ve tried so far, I give the Cincinnati-style chili from What’s Cooking, Chicago? two big thumbs up.  The spice blend reminds me so much of what we used to get for lunch down at the little diner owned by a Greek couple, just down the street from my high school, when we’d get out for lunch once a month or so.  It even had enough kick that I didn’t miss the hot sauce I’d normally add a shake or three of for kicks — I didn’t want to burn out the Munchkin’s taste buds right off the bat.  And he went to town on it, although he had a tough time with the spaghetti; it was slippery and hard for him to grab with his little fingers.

I will definitely make that recipe again!


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