Preparation overload

It’s less than two full days til the Munchkin’s birthday party, and I think I have run myself out of steam.  Considering how little steam I have on the average day — and doubly considering I had my wisdom teeth all removed last Friday and so have been dragging around in a drugged haze for a good part of the last week — that’s not really saying all that much, but still.

Almost all of my grocery shopping is done.  What isn’t done is only not done because I forgot to put stuff on my list, except for one thing which I apparently left in my office refrigerator because I am an idiot.

The pasta for the pasta salad is cooked and chilling in the fridge.  The cucumbers for it are already chopped, bagged, and awaiting their fate.

Most of the veggies for the veggie tray are rinsed, cut, and bagged.

The chicken that will supplement the pork loin for barbecue has been cooked and is cooling, awaiting the deboning process.  I got bonus chicken stock out of the deal, too.

The cake is baked and cooling.  Once it’s cooled, I’ll wrap the layers and the cupcakes and stick them in the freezer for assembly and decorating on Sunday.

For tomorrow, I have to pop the pork loin in the crock pot and make an early run into town to pick up the final few things I forgot.  Then I’ll finish chopping veggies for the pasta salad and veggie tray, as well as cutting most of the fruit for the fruit salad.  I also need to finish up my gum paste cake decorations and watch the Big Game.  (Priorities, people!)

On the big day, the biggest thing will be to get the cake taken care of.  The pasta salad should go together easily, as should the coleslaw.  The barbecue will essentially be done, the chips and pretzels just need bowls, veggie tray assembly can be done by Southern Honey, and final fruit cutting should be fairly quick and painless.  My major concerns are getting the cake to look at least decent and getting to the park on time.  I do not want to be late!

Now it’s off to wrap up that cake and get some sleep before I doze off on the couch.  Just not as comfortable as the bed.  Not even close.

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A Southern girl who's used to small town life, I found myself moving to Washington, DC, in 2008 for a new job, and living there was an eye-o
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2 Responses to Preparation overload

  1. nancy says:

    Laura, you shredding the pork for sammies? If so, comes out quick and good in a pressure cooker if you have one.

    • I need to get one. I usually use the crock pot to cook it, then toss in in the stand mixer with the paddle, turn it on medium-high, and let it go — shreds it in 30-60 seconds. I think that may be the most useful tip I’ve picked up recently.

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