Renovations: Stripping Down the Bathrooms

Heaven help me, but I looked at Pinterest a while back and saw something I liked.  Then I decided that maybe it would help us sell the house (or help me like our bathrooms better), so I would give it a try.  Accordingly, I popped out to buy sandpaper, stain, and new handles for the cabinets to take them from a blond oak to an espresso brown.

Of course, when I got home and got the cabinet doors off — after finally locating a screwdriver capable of the task — I realized it was a mess down there.  And taking the mirrored door off the medicine cabinet made me realize the rest of the medicine cabinet is not solid wood and therefore impossible to actually stain.  So I’ve been operating without a bathroom mirror for a week.  Oh, and looking up after doing all THAT made me see the light fixtures above the sinks, which are brass and therefore non-compatible with my little scheme, so I had to get Southern Honey up on the step stool to figure out how to take them off the walls so I can give them a brushed nickel finish.

I love how a small task suddenly explodes into DO ALL THE THINGS!

On the bright side, while it’s open to all and sundry, sans doors, at the moment, my master bathroom vanity is extremely organized.  I went all Pinterest on it again and got stacking storage containers, plus a three-drawer storage thing for my makeup.  And in a throwback to when I was twelve, I got around to cleaning out my Caboodle and using it like an adult: to store the forty bajillion nail polishes I own but don’t actually need.  😀

My tasks this weekend, should I choose to accept them:

  • Sand down the cabinets and doors.
  • Drill new handle holes in the doors.
  • Get at least one coat of stain on.
  • Clean and paint the light fixtures.
  • Buy new towel racks, toilet paper holders, etc.

No problem.  I should be done by next Christmas, easy.  *facepalm*

About SouthernSugar

A Southern girl who's used to small town life, I found myself moving to Washington, DC, in 2008 for a new job, and living there was an eye-o
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