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Super-Easy Summer Pasta Salad

Now that the Munchkin is getting older and we’re getting more settled down with work and home life, we’re finding time to actually hang out with our friends again.  And with today being a holiday, we all got together for … Continue reading

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Black Beans with Cumin and Garlic

If anyone’s curious why there’s a sudden spate of new recipes this week, it’s in large part to the fact that I’m quarantined at home with pinkeye.  *sighs*  So food prep is interspersed with lots more hand-washing than normal, because … Continue reading

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Spice-Rubbed Grilled Pork with Cilantro Lime Rice

My favorite thing about Wednesday nights is getting the chance to make dinner myself and  not be stuck with leftovers or something boring.  Even better is getting to play with the grill, especially when it results in Southern Honey going, … Continue reading

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Easy Couscous

We have got to get a grill.  It is just too hot to be in the kitchen every night cooking.  I can’t do salads this week for a couple of reasons: I’d have to eat all the greens before I … Continue reading

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Creole Corn on the Cob

One night down this week and we were nearly off the menu already.  I forgot to put the chicken breasts in the Italian dressing last night and again right after I got home today, finally remembering about 7:30 and tossing … Continue reading

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Balsamic braised pork with onions and mushrooms

I keep intending to make Italian buttermilk pork chops but forgetting that it has to marinate for four hours.  So when I go to fix dinner at six or eight in the evening, the pork chops just ain’t happening. Instead, … Continue reading

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Wrapup Wednesday

The week has been crazy-busy — even more than anticipated — so I’m going to combine all the cooking updates I should have been doing into one, longer update.  Pardon the lack of photos, but my camera is MIA, and … Continue reading

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