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My precious!

And if you read that with Gollum’s voice in your head, my job here is done.  *grins* I’ve been putting this off from nothing but sheer laziness.  Southern Honey and I ended up buying the Civic hybrid we were looking … Continue reading

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Well, not snore, exactly, but I do feel as though I could just keel over and fall asleep here on the couch. This has been a seriously long and draining couple of weeks, and I’ll be glad when next weekend … Continue reading

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Title: Blank

Today brought more joy on the vehicle front: My check engine light came in on my drive into town.  It’s not blinking yet, so it’s not immediate priority, thankfully, but I’ve got to get it looked at.  Fan-freakin’-tastic. At least … Continue reading

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Just when you thought it was safe to get behind the wheel

That’s when something like your overdrive biting the big one occurs.  The only good things about this situation are that 1) it is Southern Honey’s car and not mine and 2) it is still drivable as long as you don’t … Continue reading

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