Writing Projects

Since this has become a writing blog about half the time, here’s a list of my current writing projects.  I tend to have multiple ones in the works at once, just in different stages.

Shattered Vows — My NaNoWriMo novel, about a world where a guild of assassins helps to keep the peace by weeding out seditionists before they can foment civil struggles; unfortunately, the guild has been corrupted.  The stain of that corruption touches the lives of two individuals in a very powerful and life-altering way.  I’m most of the way through a first draft and hope to have it completed by the end of the week so I can start editing.

Back Roads — A horror/comedy story about five college students who think they’re out searching the back roads of Arkansas for locations for a new horror movie.  Sadly for them, they are the horror movie.  This one is still in mid-stride; I got sidetracked from it when my computer crashed in May, taking the entire file with it.  I had to recover it from deviantArt, where I had posted the completed chapters, but I lost part of a chapter I had started.

Wedding photo book — While it’s not a novel and requires little writing, I am working on a photo book documenting our wedding.  It makes me feel all crafty and junk.


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