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Trying to pump up the health

Since I got pregnant, I’ve really slacked off on eating healthy all the time.  Or even most of the time.  Combine that with a serious lack of exercise lately, and I’ve gotten sadly out of shape.  I haven’t really put … Continue reading

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Preparation overload

It’s less than two full days til the Munchkin’s birthday party, and I think I have run myself out of steam.  Considering how little steam I have on the average day — and doubly considering I had my wisdom teeth … Continue reading

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Once-a-Month Cooking: February-March

This has been an incredibly long day, but I’m pleased with the final outcome and I suspect this once-a-month deal will become a regular thing around these parts. Lessons learned so far: Read the recipes more carefully when making the … Continue reading

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Once-a-Month Cooking Planning

After struggling for several months to feed myself and wrangle the Munchkin after I get home from work, I’ve decided it’s time to try something new: once-a-month cooking.  Now, maybe I’m just absolutely nuts, but there’s no time like the … Continue reading

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Upcoming Recipes

I’m trying to get better about planning out what new recipes I’m going to try soon, and being home sick today worked out quite nicely: I’ve been perusing the Intertubez for new ideas all morning in between bouts of “Am … Continue reading

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Yeah, don’t do that: Holiday Edition

A while ago I posted about lots of stupid things I’ve done in the kitchen that other people really, really shouldn’t do for their own sanity and safety.  Fortunately for your reading pleasure, while I learned from those mistakes, I … Continue reading

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How I Survive Big Meals

I may be the most disorganized person I know.  It’s pathetic how hard it is for me to remember to grab my lunch on the way out the door, much less put together a major meal for more than me … Continue reading

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Yeah, don’t do that

Or, why I’ll never be a professional chef. If you’ve read pretty much any of my posts, you’ve probably noticed a theme: I screw up at least one thing per recipe.  And if I screw up one thing, I’m probably … Continue reading

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